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Choose The Right Product Fundraiser For Your Group

This checklist will help you evaluate and select a company and product.

Group Evaluation

Answer these questions about your group/resources; keep this information on hand when you talk with potential fundraising companies:

  • Estimated number of sellers:

  • Average age of seller:

  • Number of volunteers who can help manage the fundraiser:

  • What product(s)/fundraiser(s) have been popular:

  • What products/fundraisers are favored by group members:

  • What your group represents:

  • Are there any produtcs that do not line up with your group's philosophy and should not be considered:

choose the right fundraiser

Logistical/planning considerations:

  • Does your group have funds available for upfront expenditures? Yes / No

    • Amount of available funds:

  • Date funds are needed by:

  • Projected date of fundraiser:

  • Is space available for inventory storage? Yes / No  

  • What is preferable:

  • Order takers/catalog Sales?  Or  On-hand Sales?

  • Have sellers carry home products?       Or       Require parent pick-up? If yes, where is the pickup location?

Additional Notes:




>> For easy side-by-side comparison print and complete the following page 2 for each fundraiser company/product under consideration:

Company & Product Evaluation

Answer the following questions about each fundraising company and its products:

Name of Company:

Product(s) being considered:

Is this company…

  • Well established and has a good reputation? Yes / No
  • Recommended by others (either by referral or by testimonials provided by company): Yes / No
  • Have we dealt with this company before? Yes / No
    • Any Problems?
  • Does this company take returns if there is product leftover? Yes / No
  • Do they offer free shipping or low-cost shipping? Yes / No
  • What is the availability of customer service?


Is this fundraiser (product)…

  • Easy or hard to sell/do?

  • Something we've done before? Yes / No
           If yes, was it successful? Yes / No

           What changes should be made?


  • What is the profit potential (percent of profit, amount)?
  • Are up-front costs required?
  • Does the product line up with our philosophy? E.g. is it "green", "healthy", below a specific dollar amount?

Rank this fundraiser (compared to others from 1 - 5):



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