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Fundraiser Scheduling Checklist


This checklist will help you schedule dates for various aspects of your group fundraiser for each fundraising cycle.

Fundraising Chairperson:

Committee Contacts:

Fundraising Year/Cycle:


Evaluate Fundraising Goals

  • What is the dollar-figure fundraising goal for this cycle?

  • How many fundraisers will it take to meet this goal?

  • When is the money needed by?

  • Is time needed to recruit volunteers?  How much?


Fundraiser Evaluation

Before setting a date for the fundraiser, answer these questions to ensure you have scheduled enough time for all aspects of the fundraising project:

scheduling fundraiser checklist

Product-Based Fundraisers

  • How long will it take to receive information from the fundraising company? (or enter N/A)

  • When can information/product/packets be distributed to volunteers and sellers?

  • Is there a particular date orders must be delivered by (such as for a holiday, etc.)?

  • How long will sellers have to take orders?  (What does the company recommend?)

  • What is the shipping-time for product delivery?

  • How long will it take to distribute product to sellers for end-delivery?

  • For on-hand sales, what is the date of the event, or when will locations allow us to sell?


Project dates for each of the following:

  1. Make contact with fundraising company by:
  2. Distribute order-takers to sellers by:
  3. Deadline for return of order-takers:
  4. Date to place order:
  5. Date of delivery:

  6. Is this date:      Estimated?      Firm (set by company)?

  7. Distribution to buyers/sellers:
  8. Date all goods should be delivered by:





Event-Based Fundraisers

  • How much time is needed for planning?

  • How much time is needed for supply-procurement/shopping?

  • What dates are locations available?

  • How long to secure additional services?

  • How long is needed for preparation of decorations, supplies, games, favors, etc?

  • Will there be a rain-date for the event?

Project dates for each of the following:

  1. Date of Event:
  2. Make contact with locations by:
  3. Supplies in-hand by:
  4. Dates of work-group meetings:
  5. Date & Time of set-up:
  6. Date & Time of break-down/clean-up:






For Future Reference:

  • How accurate were time estimates?


  • Was enough time dedicated for each project phase?


  • What needs to be taken into consideration when planning future fundraisers of this type or with this company?



Additional Notes:














We wish you great success with your fundraising event!
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