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Set Goals For The Next Fundraising Season / Your Next Fundraiser

This easily formatted fundraising checklist for goal-setting will help you define goals so that you can make informed decisions for your fundraising campaign; it will also be useful in review, and in future goal-setting.

Fundraising Cycle/Season:

Fundraising Chairperson:

Contact Number:


Evaluating Cycle's/Season's Fundraising Goals

Answer these questions about 'the big picture' for the entire year or fundraising cycle/season.  This will help you gain an understanding of your overall funding needs.

setting goals fundraiser checklist
  • How much money is in the budget now?
  • Is any of this money:
  • - dedicated to projects?            How much?

    - available to fund fundraising efforts?


  • How much money is estimated to be needed to fund all projects?
  • How much money is needed for operational costs?
  • Have costs increased from previous years?  How much?
  • Are funds available from other sources, such as grants or donations?
  • How much money needs to be raised through fundraising?
  • What is the date that the money is needed for expenditures (in other words, what date do you need cash-in-hand for payment)?
  • Estimate the time available for completing fundraising projects:

Additional Notes:



Evaluating Project Goals

Use this section to plan for each fundraising project; print a new sheet for each project as needed to set fundraising project goals.


Project Chairperson:

Assisted By:

Contact Number:


Answer these questions about this fundraising project:

  • What date are the funds from this fundraiser needed by?
  • How much of the fundraising goal do you hope to raise with this particular fundraiser (dollar figure goal)?
  • What is the estimated profitability of this fundraising project?
  • How much time is needed to hold this fundraiser?
  • What is the size of the volunteer group available to work this fundraiser?
  • Given time and man-power constraints, is it reasonable to believe that this project can raise this amount of funds?
  • What would make this fundraising project more manageable?
  • Will other fundraising projects be needed to help meet the overall financial goal of the group?
  • Suggestions for other fundraisers:


Additional Notes:


We wish you great success with your fundraising event!
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