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Evaluate Your Fundraiser: Post-Fundraiser Checklist

Use this convenient fundraising checklist to evaluate your fundraiser and assist with record-keeping.  This will be an excellent reference for future fundraisers and volunteers.


At-A-Glance Overview

Fundraising Chairperson:

Committee Contacts:

Fundraiser/Product Sold:

Fundraising/Supply Company:
         Rate this company:

Date of Fundraiser:

Ease of Fundraiser:

Number of Participating Sellers:

Rate the Success of this Fundraiser:



Records & Bookkeeping

Volume of Items Ordered (# of units or #of items):

Inventory Left Over:

Inventory Sold:


Profit ($ figure or percentage):

post fundraiser checklist








Fundraiser Evaluation

  1. What worked well for this fundraiser:


  3. What did not work for this fundraiser:


  5. Suggested changes to be made to fundraiser or efforts:


  7. How (well) buyers & supporters received this fundraiser:


  9. How (well) group members/sellers received this fundraiser:


  11. Fundraiser Strengths:


  13. Fundraiser Weaknesses:



Additional Information:
Include any notes and information that you feel would be beneficial to your group in the future:




We wish you great success with your fundraising event!
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