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Volunteer Recruitment Checklist


This checklist outlines the tasks involved in running a volunteer recruitment campaign.  Use it to find the volunteer help your fundraiser needs!

Select Your Target Audience

Before you act, think about who will be willing and able to help you as a fundraising volunteer.  Come up with as many real possibilities as possible, and make these people your target volunteer corp.


Look to:

  • Administrators
  • Local authority figures
  • Teachers, employees
  • Parents
  • Family members
  • Grandparents
  • Community members
  • Community Service Organizations
  • Area businesses


Outreach Campaign—Get The Word Out!

Once you've identified who you will target, make a plan to get the word out about your volunteer recruitment efforts:

  • Enlist the help of committee members or fellow volunteers who will work on the volunteer recruitment drive

  • List the areas where information should be physically posted.  These might be:
  • volunteer recruitment checklist


    • Community bulletin boards
    • Local businesses/offices
    • Information boards within your organization


  • List other resources information can be disseminated through.  These might be:

    • Newsletters
    • Local media/newspapers
    • Letter to organization members/parents of children
    • Posters/fliers
    • Email
    • Sign up sheets


  • Draft an appeal letter that explains who you are, what volunteer help you need, and why you need it—include contact information!!

  • Post fliers appealing for volunteer help in spaces determined above

  • Post sign-up sheets in public areas

  • Circulate sign-up sheets at meetings and gatherings

  • Post a volunteer recruitment table at public or group events

  • Talk to people in person and personally ask for help

  • Call potential volunteers and personally ask them to help (an appeal in person or via telephone is far more effective at getting people to volunteer than a faceless letter—use this to whatever extent is practical and polite!)

  • Make a list, complete with contact information, of all volunteers

  • Follow up with volunteers to remind them of their commitment and let them know what they can do to help

Additional Tips

If you quell the concerns of potential volunteers before they sign up, you will be more successful in getting them to commit to your fundraiser (or committee).  In addition to running a general campaign, follow these tips for added success:

  • Compile job descriptions ahead of time, including time requirements for each, so that volunteers can see what they are committing to. 
  • Allow volunteers to sign up for their preferred job at the time of sign-up.
  • Allow for job-sharing.
  • Give contact information for group leaders and those in a position to assist or lend advice.


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