100 + Fundraising Ideas!

Need some inspiration for your next fundraiser? Following are 100 + ideas to get you started!

Don’t forget:
* To maximize your income, get as many materials, rentals and prizes as possible donated, including space to hold your event and flyer printing
* consider inviting special guests, like principals, local business leaders and celebrities who will draw more current and potential supporters
* include smaller fundraisers like selling snacks and seasonal items along with your larger events!

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Here we go: 100 + fundraising ideas:

Choose your plight: donors pay a dollar each to vote on what the principal, leader or other volunteer will have to endure: shave head, dye hair, duct tape to the wall, wear a silly costume etc.

Photography contest: charge entrance fee, assign a theme

Snow or sand sculpture fundraiser: for teams or individuals, charge entrance fee, hire a professional to show how it’s done and to increase your draw

Variety show/talent show: charge entrance fee, admission, sell snacks


Flocking flamingos: only try this on people in the know or who got fair warning: place a flock of flamingos (the kind you get at a party store) into someone’s front yard, only to be removed for a donation

Duck Race! Donors ‘sponsor’ ducks which will then ‘race’ down an actual river or a ‘lazy river’ at a water park, the winning duck’s sponsor gets a prize

rubber ducks


Movember: men grow mustaches during November to help promote awareness and increase donations to fight prostate cancer

Class competition: whichever class raises the most money will receive a prize, like a pizza party

Bachelor/bachelorette auction: tacky but might be lucrative if the ones auctioned off are popular

Haunted House: charge entrance fee, best costumes competition

Easter Bunny Hop: sell snacks, have ‘dance instruction, raffles

Magazine fundraiser

Gift wrap service around the holidays

Calendar fundraiser

Halloween fundraiser

Sell coupon books

Prominent volunteer like principal commits to have head shaved when a specific fundraising goal is reached

Bingo: charge admission, get prizes donated

Food and candy fundraisers:

Cheesecake fundraiser

Lollipop fundraiser

Pancake breakfast

Cook-off: choose a category like vegetarian, or a specific food like pasta or chilli, offer kids activities

Food truck fundraiser

Benefit dinner: charge admission, silent auction

Wine tasting

Dining out: sell vouchers to local pizza shops or hamburger restaurants; or restaurants donate part of profits during a specific time slot

Coffee fundraiser

Popcorn fundraiser

Sell snacks and candy

Cookbook fundraiser: charge for having a personal recipe added (can be dedicated to special people), then sell the cookbooks

Food and groceries fundraisers

Healthy bake sale fundraiser: offer organic breads, not-so-sweet dessert, fruit tarts

Pizza fundraiser


Funny beauty pageant

Selling awareness ribbons, silicone bracelets or bumper stickers

Dog show: dogs race or do tricks, charge entrance fee, sell food and t-shirts, have donated prizes

Carnival games: bean bag toss, balloon darts, marbles, miniature bowling

Flower bulb fundraising

Green fundraiser

Polar bear plunge: a local pool will do!

Car wash fundraiser

Dog wash fundraiser



Comedian event

Free fundraisers

Quilt fundraiser: ask quilting club to donate their services for one special quilt to auction or raffle

Craft corner: volunteers make home decor or ornaments, paintings

Student art exhibit: ask for donations, sell reprints of the art in form of note cards, note pads, mugs, t-shirts

Portrait fundraiser

Grade pledges: students collect pledges for A’s at the beginning of the semester and collect when they get their report cards

Duct tape fundraiser

Ink cartridge fundraiser: collect ink cartridges and sell them for cash to a recycling service

Parents’ Night Out: Designate a school gym or community room and charge per child (siblings and pay extra); kids will play games, do crafts, eat and then watch a movie; offer a few hours or all night; get lots of volunteers to keep the kids busy

Birthday pledge: donors ask for donations instead of birthday gifts

Note card fundraiser

Poker fundraiser

Scratch cards

Mini fundraiser

Wii game night: play sports games such as bowling or baseball and charge admission, winner of the night wins a prize

Guess how many coins/candy in the jar: have donors estimate how much is in the jar for a dollar, the winner will receive a prize

Silly costume challenge: if a certain amount is raised, teachers will wear silly costumes for a day

School yard sale: include donated items, gently used and new items

Family Movie Night: get space in a gym or community room, charge admission, sell snacks


Date or dance with principal, your organization’s leader, or a celebrity is auctioned off through silent auction

Themed baskets: like “movie night” or “Backyard BBQ” or “Kids Outdoor Toys” or “Made in the US Toys”. Get donations from local businesses to add to the baskets, like gift cards, lessons, coupons etc.

Silent Auction: Supporters donate miscellaneous things new, used and handmade to be auctioned off. Furniture, event tickets, printer etc.

Gorgeous cakes and desserts for different occasions are provided by supporters and volunteers

Performances: Ask local artists to donate a performance to be auctioned off

Services like music lessons, mowing lawn, shoveling snow, any computer services, cleaning are solicited from supporters and volunteers, then auctioned off at a silent auction

Art, event tickets, or higher value items can be auctioned off online through Ebay or online auction service


Gift card fundraiser

Reverse raffle: potential donors get raffle ticket and sell them back for $10 to avoid getting their name drawn and having to do something embarrassing

Cow pie fundraiser also works with other animals: divide field into squares and sell squares to donors. The square where the animal ‘goes’ wins.

Half marathon and 5K run


Spell-a-thon: donors pledge for correctly spelled words

T-shirt fundraiser

Christmas wreath fundraiser

Shopping bag fundraiser: consider adding advertising from local merchants to increase your profit

Electronic waste fundraiser

Casino Game Night: charge entrance fee, silent auction

Raffle off gift certificates/cards to local stores, restaurants

Craft fair

Catalog fundraiser, or order taking fundraiser

Flea market: charge per table

River/beach/neighborhood trash cleanup: get local sponsors, set goal, sell t-shirts, group which collects most trash wins prize

Tombola: sell tickets, draw winning ticket

Spaghetti dinner fundraiser

Mardi Gras fundraiser

Tuition raffle: sell a minimum amount of tickets to cover tuition for the winner for a semester.

Golf fundraiser

Minigolf tournament

Car donation

First aid kit fundraiser

Coupon book fundraiser

Scratch card fundraiser

Book fundraiser

Used books fundraiser

Recycle bottles and cans

Pie-in-the-face fundraiser aka wet-sponge-in-the-face-fundraiser: most fun with a celebrity ‘victim’

pie in the face


Paper airplane race: set up table where donors can make paper airplanes, the one that flies the farthest wins a prize

Karaoke fundraiser

Lip Sync fundraiser: no karaoke set-up needed!

Cell phone donations: cell phone can be sold to sites like gazelle.com or auctioned off on ebay.com

Fashion show

Boxtop fundraiser

50/50 raffle: half the proceeds will be used for prizes so there will be lots of opportunity to win

Open mic night, concert

Donation match: find a sponsor who will match donations you’ll get from your fundraiser

Organize an art show for local talent: photographers, painters, sculptors; get percentage of each sale, sell refreshments

Gold Rush: ask for old jewelry and sell it a cash-for-gold place

Collect pledges for read-a-thons for reading a certain amount of books, picking up certain amount of trash at beach clean up

‘Simply ask for money’ fundraiser: Send request on a custom notecard designed by students with return envelope

Raise cash through an online fundraising service

Text donations: Appropriate for larger fundraising campaigns

Did you count? There are actually quite a few more than 100 fundraising ideas. Please keep this list going and add your own fundraising ideas in the comments!

Happy fundraising!

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  1. Posted by Sheila Williams 10th January, 2013 at 1:34 pm

    We are a Ronald McDonald House Chapter. My Board is looking for a fundraiser that will be our signature event. Something with a high yield but little work. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  2. Posted by FundraisingIP.com 16th January, 2013 at 11:29 am

    Hello Sheila, the most successful fundraisers are usually the ones that make use of your unique resources: do you have access to a celebrity who will endorse an event? Can you make use of the qualifications, hobbies and interests of your current supporters? Do you have volunteers who are social media savvy to host a purely online fundraising event? Do you have access to ideal terrain for a marathon fundraiser? (This one is quite a bit of work though)

    Whichever event you choose, be sure you’re prepared to raise funds with an online fundraiser as well, accommodating anyone who is unable to attend your event; or use an online platform to collect any entrance fees for an event fundraiser; or go for a purely online fundraiser!

    For an example of a Ronald McDonald House fundraiser, click here http://www.crowdrise.com/RonaldsHouse/fundraiser/ronaldmcdonaldhousec17

    For a list of online fundraising platforms click here: http://www.fundraisingip.com/fundraising/15-most-popular-online-fundraising-services/

    Good luck on your fundraiser! We’d love to hear what you have decided, please keep us posted :)

  3. Posted by Lee 17th January, 2013 at 8:46 pm

    How about a jump rope fundraiser, like the jump rope for your heart fundraiser?

  4. Posted by Monica 25th January, 2013 at 8:49 pm

    Great list you got here! We will definitely try the doggie wash and some kind of food event, maybe the wine tasting.

  5. Posted by Silent Auction Fundraiser 16th December, 2014 at 8:33 pm

    […] For more fundraising ideas read 100+ Fundraising Ideas!. […]



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