39 Ways to use IFTTT to Automate Your Workflow and Social Media for Your Group

Automate – to some folks in the non-profit world this word might as well be a cuss word. But reality is that if you’re running a blog you’re probably already automating at least your email sign-ups: you might have it set up that as soon as a blog post is published, it triggers emails to be sent to anyone who signed up for them.

But what about automatically posting your messages to your various social media accounts? Having the news scraped for mentions of your cause and getting an email sent to your inbox?

There are many daily and weekly tasks that can be automated without feeling bad about it!

Take advantage of technology and save yourself some time and money, volunteer hours and planning time.

if this than that

There are many services that enable you to automate a great deal of your social media tasks, like Twitterfeed or feed and email service providers like Feedblitz or Aweber, social media sites themselves that will also post on other sites, like Twitter, or social media management sites like Hootsuite.com.

But for more flexibility and lots more options to automate tasks beyond social media, take a look at IFTTT.

IFTTT takes automation to a new level

IFTTT stands for “if this then that”, meaning if a certain ‘trigger’ is activated, it will result in a specific ‘action’ defined by you. IFTTT has partnered with dozens of channels you might already be using including Google (Calendar, Spreadsheets, Gmail), Evernote and Dropbox to enable all kinds of automated actions that can be very useful to your group.

You can create your own “recipe” or use one that others are sharing.

Following are some examples of what you can do with this service:


– When your blog has a new post (or any blog you define), it can automatically be posted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Calendar, get a text message, an email, or save on Evernote

– Get a text message every weekday at a certain time to remind you of anything

– When you add a new contact on your iPhone, have it sent directly to your Gmail account

– Push all your YouTube favorites to Tumblr as video posts

– Send a tweet based on a timeline, like “Happy New Year”

– Receive an email every time a new book is added to any of Amazon’s Top 100 lists

– When you add a contact on your iPhone it gets added to your Google Spreadsheet – Favorite!

– Post Facebook updates to Twitter and vice versa

– Save your Gmail attachments to Google Drive

– Archive your Instagram photos to Evernote

– Upload new photos to Google Drive

– Save popular articles on New York Times (like your favorite writer) to Pocket or Evernote or Instapaper

– Add your tweets to Google Calendar

– Log your text messages on a Google Spreadsheet

– Get a text message when a new event is added to your Google Calendar – Favorite!

– Upload any files to Google Drive via email

– Save Twitter favorites to Dropbox

– Have your Instagram photos post automatically on Facebook or Twitter

– Save a list of YouTube favorite videos to Google Drive

– Save your Flickr photos on Dropbox

– Send Facebook updates to your Google+ account (this works through Gmail)

– Post YouTube Favorites to Facebook

– Send tagged Facebook photos to Dropbox

– If you ‘star’ an email in Gmail, it gets sent to Evernote – Favorite!

– Add a favorite tweet to Instapaper

– Download ‘liked’ Instagram pictures to Dropbox

– Send your tweets to LinkedIN

– A new WordPress blog post will autopost to a Facebook Page

– Have new Craigslist listings trigger an email to your inbox

– Collect articles from any blog on Google Spreadsheet

– Save any email attachments to Google Spreadsheet

– Upload all your photos to FLickr

– Create Google Calendar events out of iOS reminders – Favorite!

– When an email is labeled as ‘to do’ it creates an event on Google Calendar as a reminder – Favorite!

– Get a text message if it’s supposed to rain the next day (outdoor events anyone?)

– When a meeting is added on Google Calendar, create a meeting note in Evernote

– If you change your profile picture in Facebook, update Twitter with the same picture

– If you get an email for a specific bill, it’s added as a reminder to your Google Calendar – Favorite!

– SMS message gets sent to Facebook Status

– All your tweets get posted on a Google spreadsheet


So where do you start? First identify the services you’re already using (complete list is here) and see how you could benefit from connecting them with triggers and actions. Then, explore channels you might not be using yet, like Evernote or Dropbox which can be extremely helpful with your everyday tasks. For more ideas on how to use IFTTT click over to their blog.

Lastly, try one or two recipes on autopilot and see how it all works. Is it useful to you? Does it save time? Scrutinize and then move on and try another one. Are you already using IFTTT? Feel free to share your favorite recipe in the comments!

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