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Our Most Popular Fundraising Posts Of 2017!

most popular fundraising articles of 2017

Happy New Year! Another year full of successes, drama, happiness, hardship and personal growth and challenges has gone by. We learned from failures, rejoiced in what went well, hopefully took a break and are ready to do it all over again! Because of you and the groups you are working for, or with, our world […]

Boost Year End Giving: 19 Tips For Your Holiday Party

A significant amount of donors wait until year end to give to non-profits, and it can be difficult to get their attention and stand out with everyone else asking for their gifts. End of year is also the season to convert prospects in the holiday spirit into new donors. But the end of the year […]

Nonprofit T-Shirts – 5 Tips For A Successful Design

nonprofit t-shirts

Whether you are giving your nonprofit t-shirts away as part of a raffle or handing them out to your volunteers, choosing a smart design for your t-shirts is essential. Where nonprofits are concerned, t-shirts are usually the closest thing their volunteers have to a uniform. They identify the wearers as direct participants in a cause, […]

Sample Donation Request Letter – Wind Energy Project

sample fundraising letter wind energy

Following is a sample donation request letter for wind project that could be used by  a school PT organization to parents, but could easily be adapted for any other group or nonprofit as well. Read more about fundraising for wind energy projects. Feel free to copy it and modify it for your fundraising needs. For […]

Fundraising Letter: Solar Carport For A School

fundraising letter solar carport

Following is a sample donation request letter for solar carports that could be sent from a school PT organization to parents, but could be adapted for any other organization as well. Feel free to copy it and modify it for your fundraising needs. For any other use, please contact us. (More fundraising letters and templates…) […]

How School Fundraising is Impacted by Health Policies

health policy and school fundraising

Money or Health – Which comes first? Should schools cut the candy fundraising addiction? Perhaps a better question is, can they? According to PTO Today, schools raise more than $1.5 billion annually. At the top of the sales list are candy, catalogs (which contain candy) and gift wrap. To add fuel to the fire, schools […]

5 Ways to Avoid Donor Abandonment

donor abandonment

Your nonprofit spends a huge chunk of resources trying to get donors to your donation forms, and it’s good to see a lot of donors landing on your giving page. But don’t start celebrating just yet. Just because donors reach your donation form doesn’t mean they’re going to stay and make a gift. Research done […]

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5 Effective Year-End Fundraising Strategies Your Nonprofit May Be Overlooking

year end fundraising strategies

With the year almost over, your nonprofit is probably looking for ways to optimize your fundraising. Luckily, your supporters are in a giving mood: Up to 50 percent of total annual income for nonprofits comes from the year-end ask alone! Let’s take a look at five ways to to amp up your year-end fundraising:   […]

Calls-to-Action: 9 Ways to Increase Donations

digital fundraising and calls to action

According to Blackbaud’s Charitable Giving Report, online donations are still increasing every year, growing 9.2% in 2015 compared to 2014. Whether you have or have not seen an increase in online giving, now’s a great time to check your digital fundraising strategy. Specifically, take a look at your calls-to-action. Are they effective? Is there room […]

Fundraising Surveys

Hello hardworking fundraisers, volunteers and fundraising professionals! We’ve been running our blog for nearly 9 years now and have accumulated a wealth of information and free tools to help you with your jobs and make it easier for you to help others. As the web is getting more crowded and more hectic, we’d like to […]

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5 Fundraising Lessons from the For-Profit World

nonprofit versus for profit fundraising

Just because the for-profit world has customers and clients and the nonprofit world has donors and volunteers doesn’t mean that they both can’t stand to learn from one another. Nonprofits have major gift donors, and for-profits have big spenders. Nonprofits have recurring donors, and for-profits have loyal customers. And the parallels continue. Running an organization […]

4 Steps to Turn Your Nonprofit Blog Into a Donation Magnet

tips for nonprofit blog

I see it happen all the time on nonprofit websites: a blog that starts with gusto but then trails off into oblivion like an aging cowboy into the sunset. You’ve probably seen them too. So when your board says, “Hey, we should start a blog!” you may wince at the image of your blog lying […]

3 Forms of Corporate Philanthropy

Nonprofit professionals know better than anyone just how difficult it can be to find funding. It’s a limited resource for a massive field of qualified and deserving candidates. As that field gets more and more crowded, fundraisers have to get more and more creative with how they acquire donors. Corporate giving is a donation avenue […]

Host a Poker Tournament Fundraiser!

Tips for your Poker fundraiser

Few games have endured modern history with as unfaltering popularity as poker. The classic game is simply unique in how it combines skill and luck for engaging and unpredictable play. Universally loved, poker has become a game appropriate for casual settings amongst friends, online or in government regulated casinos. Poker is an effective means of […]

Fun Memorial Day Fundraisers From Around the Country

Memorial Day

For many people, Memorial Day isn’t just an opportunity to celebrate and give thanks to the wonderful service men and women of this country. Memorial Day is also a chance to raise funds for great causes while enjoying the start of some great weather. And for many nonprofits, Memorial Day is the perfect time to […]