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About Cari Mostert: Cari Mostert is a UCLA alumnus and non-profit volunteer. She is active in supporting wildlife and ecological causes and profiles endangered southern African species on her website Read more here.

CRM Tools and Donor Management

crm tools

We all know donor management is the key to personalizing donor communications and a vital factor in donor retention. Segmenting and managing donors effectively makes for  better relationships and encourages future engagement. But what is the best way to get this accomplished? Enter CRM – Customer/Constituent Relationship Management tools.     What to use CRM […]

Our Most Popular Articles from 2015!

best nonprofit articles

Put your group on the fast track to achieving its best year by revisiting the strategies outlined in our most popular content of 2015! These are the articles our readers found most helpful and shareable, providing useful information and dynamic tools. While these articles cover a wide variety of issues, we’ve loosely grouped them in […]

Starting a New Nonprofit? 10 Things You Need to Know to Make it a Success

How to start a nonprofit

Congratulations! So you’re launching a new nonprofit, a brand new organization unique to your community. It’s an important decision to commit to social change, but now what? Where do you and your team go from here? A resilient nonprofit startup needs a vital mission, consistent and varied income streams, good accountability, and high-quality programs and […]

5 Basics to Begin Donor Segmentation

Do you remember the saying, “Begin with the end in mind,” that great bit of advice given by the late Stephen Covey? In the business of growing nonprofits, how would this principle apply to one of our biggest assets, our donors? Successful donor segmentation from the start is a key strategy to great donor communications […]

Checkout Charity: Good For Small Local Nonprofits?

Checkout charity – or point-of-sale fundraising – is big business for national nonprofits. But the question here is: Can this type of fundraiser work for smaller, local organizations? Stores everywhere are getting involved, restaurants too and even local utility companies. After all, what harm is there in asking for a dollar or two to support […]

You Can Get a Career in the Nonprofit Sector

Picture this: You work in a vibrant industry – the nonprofit sector – improving the quality of life for countless recipients. Each day you and your colleagues face challenges that define the saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” With passion fueling a profound sense of purpose and meaning in your […]

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Our 8 Favorite Summer Fundraisers

For the charity sector, summer fundraisers that embrace the spirit and the benefits of the season can truly make for incredible summer events. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, nothing spells summer fundraiser success more than passionate people, promoting a praiseworthy cause and having fun while doing it! Take advantage of summer holidays, long weekends, […]

Considerations for a Career in the Nonprofit Sector

For this generation of cause activists and volunteers desiring to make a difference from the start, the appeal of a charity career has never been stronger. Idealistic, ambitious young graduates are rejecting the idea that a mere paycheck is reward enough for their life hours spent at work. Where other than the nonprofit sector, can […]

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50 Inspiring Quotations To Delight And Motivate your Group

Business gurus, motivational sages and savvy speakers are aware of the value of a timely quotation. Here are some favorite quotations to use whenever delight and inspiration are needed; with your colleagues, your board, in training materials, presentations and donor communications. Even with your morning coffee before tackling the dreaded email tsunami. Emphasize the mission […]

6 Ways Nonprofit Professionals Can Further Career Development

The nonprofit sector is a unique industry where a passion for the greater good and earning a paycheck come together. For this reason, nonprofit leaders tend to be visionary, passionate individuals who are growing their management experience. Coupled with a dearth of funds for skills training, nonprofits often aren’t in the position to offer the […]

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8 Essentials for Your Organization’s Case Statement

Are your fundraising efforts standing on the firm foundation of an outstanding case statement? Of all the documents an organization uses to aid fundraising, the case statement is one of the most important. The case statement (or case for support) is used by a nonprofit as a basis for all communication and solicitations with donors. […]

4 Business Practices Every Nonprofit Should Use

red toolbox

You head up a relatively young nonprofit doing good and necessary work, an important asset to the community that you want to grow into something truly significant.  The question is, how do you and your small team of paid staff and volunteers tackle the issues holding the charity back? The following four classic business practices […]

Start the New Year out Right: 7 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Group

It’s that classic time for new beginnings, the start of a brand new, shiny bright year. New calendars, new diaries, all those blank pages just begging to be filled. Resolutions are only positive planning using this energy; good for us, good for our business. If your business is charity, harness that potential, all that budding […]

Nonprofit Fundraising: Events vs. Great Events

Your last bake sale was an outrageous success and the car wash did even better, but does that mean that it’s time to introduce a yearly dinner gala to your fundraising calendar? Unless your organization is flush with time, money and resources with staff to spare, you might be feeling a tad overwhelmed. If you’ve […]

Hello Social Media: #GivingTuesday is Here Again

On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, America, along with other countries who’ve joined the party, will wake up to the third annual #GivingTuesday, a nationwide all-day drive to help raise money online for the greater good. #GivingTuesday is a day dedicated to helping others and celebrating the great global spirit of generosity. Seeing that #GivingTuesday falls […]