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About Devon Reeser: Devon has helped more than 40 non-profits, community groups, and government agencies throughout the US and abroad design and fund sustainable programs for economic and social development. With an MA in Environment and Development, she focuses on helping innovative environmental programs and is currently consulting on two environmental non profit projects in the US and designing an ecology education initaitive for local schools in Paraguay. Read more here.

7 Fundraising Ideas For Planting (Or Recycling) Trees

fundraising ideas trees

Tree hugger or not, there is no denying the amazing benefits of planting trees, under any circumstances, anywhere in the world. They fight climate change. They clean our air and water. They keep soil from eroding. They create homes for crawly critters and birds. And they are beautiful, improving nearly any landscape. That’s why, no […]

8 Tips for Your Nonprofit’s Spring Appeal

spring appeal

Just thinking about a spring appeal can help warm up a winter day. Planning it well at the same time can boost your nonprofit’s bottom line for the entire year! Spring appeals are entirely different than end of year or annual appeals, and you need to act accordingly as you plan, write, and implement. Your […] What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know

great nonprofits

What is and how can it help your nonprofit improve its brand and raise more funding? In short, GreatNonprofits is a charity “watchdog” that uses testimonials from volunteers, community members, board members, or others that interact with your nonprofit to “rate” your organization. The idea is to provide a platform for nonprofits to showcase […]

What Are United Way Partnerships, and How Can They Help Your Nonprofit?

united way partnership

The United Way in America is synonymous with both the ideas of charity and philanthropy. Not only was it one of the first genuine charities in America, but it collects more philanthropy than any other in the world today. According to Forbes, it pulled in $3.9 billion in revenues for the fiscal year ending in […]

Fundraising Planning In 2018: Top Trends For Your Nonprofit To Consider

nonprofit trends 2018 fundraising planning

The New Year is a chance to review your fundraising success from last year and evaluate what worked and what didn’t. While you take stock, you should always consider new trends that affect your work. Here are the major trends in giving and fundraising you need to think about to evaluate – and potentially redesign […]

Should You Start a Nonprofit? 5 Questions to Ask First

should you start nonprofit

It is relatively easy to file the paperwork to start a nonprofit organization. The question is if you should start a new nonprofit. Being a charity is much more than filing a form. Successful nonprofit founders invest years of their lives, almost always as volunteers, to put together their organizations. It takes time, money, resources, […]

Last Minute Fundraising Ideas for Year-End

last minute fundraising ideas

It is twelve days before New Year’s Eve and you still do not know if you will meet your year-end fundraising goals. This is more common than you think! About a quarter of all nonprofits receive between 26% and 50% of their funding from their year-end ask. (More statistics here.) Here are five last minute […]

5 Best Year-End Fundraising Strategies

year-end fundraising

Is your nonprofit overlooking strategies for year-end fundraising? Probably!  Here are 5 of the best tactics you might not have considered that can help boost your giving results this year. (More tips for year end here.)   Year-End Fundraising Strategy #1: Focus on increasing gift amounts from current donors New is not always better – […]

Charity Navigator vs. CharityWatch: What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know

charity-navigator vs charity-watch

If you work in the nonprofit sector, you have probably heard of Charity Navigator and CharityWatch. You also probably know that they are two of the top “watchdog” websites to keep track of your nonprofit. But do you know who is using each site? How it affects your donors or potential donors? Or how each […]

Gun Violence Research And Public Funding for Gun Ranges – What Nonprofits Need To Know

gun violence research and public funding for gun ranges

What should the government do with tax revenues? This is the age-old question of appropriations that applies to all Americans. As more and more federal grant dollars are drying up, nonprofits might be particularly concerned with how tax dollars or public revenues are re-granted – and to whom. Millions of dollars are granted annually to […]

Why Your Nonprofit Needs a GuideStar Seal and How to Get One

guidestar and nonprofits

Every nonprofit needs to take time to create a rated GuideStar profile. Why? Because not only is GuideStar visited by 8 million people annually. It also directly links your information to Facebook Fundraisers and dozens of other top fundraising and social media sites. Here is everything you need to know about GuideStar – what it […]

6 Fun Halloween Fundraiser Ideas for Your School or Nonprofit

halloween fundraiser for schools and nonprofits

Halloween might be the new best time to throw a fundraiser.  It has become so popular that it only falls behind Christmas for the most celebrated US holiday. 171 million people partook in some sort of Halloween festivity in 2016, spending more than 8 billion dollars! Here are a few ideas for your nonprofit or […]

Fundraising For A Wind Energy Project

wind energy project fundraising

Is your charitable group looking to support or raise funds for a wind energy project? Or is your school looking to cut electric costs and overhead with a renewable wind project? Outlined here is a quick guide about what you need to know for project funds to get a wind turbine installed! Click here for […]

Sample Fundraising Letter – Community Fund for People in Need

sample fundraising letter community fund

Following is a sample donation request letter to the members of a community for donating to a community fund. Feel free to copy it and modify it for your fundraising needs. (For any other use, please contact us.)   >> In light of the recent disasters, you may also find the following sample donation request […]

Chicken Poop Bingo Game Fundraiser!

ckicken poop bingo fundraiser

Adding fun and interesting games like Chicken Poop Bingo to encourage guests to give more at your next event is just a wise use of your time and resources! And that is regardless of whether your next fundraiser is a small cocktail party, a full scale gala, or just a simple community event like a […]