Book Aid International Uses eBay Live Auction To Raise Funds

To keep you up-to-date on creative and innovative fundraising ideas, we will occasionally inform you about how others raise funds for their groups and how you can apply their fundraising strategies to your own fundraiser:

This fundraiser is for Book Aid International and uses eBay to auction off books. The books were picked (and autographed) by celebrities and politicians because of the big impact these books had on their lives.

Book Aid is also auctioning off original illustrations by Nick Sharratt, Satoshi Kitamura and Sue Heap.

“Celebrities, authors and politicians have selected and inscribed beautiful editions of the books that have meant the most to them, to help us raise money! Over 50 gorgeous lots are available, including books chosen by Robbie Coltrane, Sir Ian McKellan, Helen Mirren and David Cameron.”

You can view the eBay auction here until October 22nd.

This live auction takes place on the UK eBay website, but the same auction would be possible on the US eBay website as well.

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