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5 Best Year-End Fundraising Strategies

year-end fundraising

Is your nonprofit overlooking strategies for year-end fundraising? Probably!  Here are 5 of the best tactics you might not have considered that can help boost your giving results this year. (More tips for year end here.)   Year-End Fundraising Strategy #1: Focus on increasing gift amounts from current donors New is not always better – […]

Register Your Charity to Fundraise in 7 Easy Steps!

register charity to fundraise

Did you know that forty states require you to register your charity – before you even start to fundraise? And only three states let you fundraise freely without any requirements. Nearly all have different forms, penalties, and fees as well. State-by-state registration is so seemingly complicated that thousands of charities pay for-profit legal firms annually […]

Checklist: Attracting Corporate Sponsors for Your Event

Fundraising Checklists: attracting corporate sponsors

More checklists here and here. Use this checklist as a guide to help you create a strategy when planning for attracting corporate sponsors for your event: 1. Enlist board member or volunteer fundraising support You need help! Form a committee immediately of a few dedicated board members, staff, and volunteers to plan and fundraise for […]

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Checklist: Make the Most of #GivingTuesday

Be ready to make the most of the #GivingTuesday phenomenon this year! This ‘give instead of get’ holiday season tweeting day has been showing impressive growth results and continues to grow since the inauguration year. (View the latest reports here.) So what do you need to do to get involved in this social media extravaganza? […]

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What to Stuff: A Nonprofit Proposal Attachment Checklist


As if writing proposals for your work wasn’t hard enough, you need to think just as thoroughly about what attachments you are including with it! Too much additional information can counteract your good proposal, while not enough can make you not stand out. You want to give just enough extras, and the right ones, to […]

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New Year Planning: Checklist for Non-Profits

fundraising checklist new year planning

January is here, and you can finally breathe after the end of year rush. Too often however, non profits push off planning only to find themselves disorganized and fumbling three months later when spring arrives and fundraising goals are not being met. It is important to take a bit of time to rest, but it […]

Old Year Clean Up: Checklist for Non-Profits

Fundraising checklist: old year cleanup

The New Year is here and you and your fundraising team are ready to get back to work. But did you finish all of your paperwork, decompress with your staff, take out all of your old year’s trash so you can start the New Year clean with fresh fundraising ideas and initiatives? Use this fundraising […]