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Got the Donor Blues? Stewardship and Donor Relations

There’s a phenomenon, a wave of charity and compassion that greets cataclysmic events and earth shattering tragedies. The torrent of giving that follows a crisis or disaster fills the databanks of nonprofits with new benefactors. But all too often this groundswell of emotional response is lost soon thereafter. Could this brief moment of enthusiastic generosity […]

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Chasing Donors Away? Annoying Tactics Non-Profits Use

With well over a million non-profit organizations registered in America, each competing for their share of the revenue pie, every donor becomes a valuable asset. Yet a surprising number of nonprofits are inadvertently chasing donors away. You would never knowingly risk the allegiance of your donors with an offensive or irritating appeal, or alienate supporters […]

How to Prepare When Asking for Donations and Support

be prepared sign

When tasked with obtaining sponsorship money or in-kind donations, simple prior preparation will make the entire process easier. Before asking anyone for anything, ask yourself these basic questions: What is our goal? Does my group need monetary sponsorship or in-kind donations, or both? There are two main types of support, monetary (a company or person […]

How to Encourage People to Donate to Your Cause

These days, it’s pretty common to be solicited for donations in front of stores, through email and regular mail. In fact, people are inundated with messages trying to encourage them to give. While many will give readily to causes they already believe in, they will probably be reluctant to donate to causes that are not […]

What Donors Want to Know Before They Give

What donors want to know before they give

A friendly smile, and a few words about your group’s cause may be enough when it comes to selling products at a fair or offering a gift wrapping service around the holidays. But how can you convince donors to give more than just a few dollars? What kind of information should you make readily available […]

Let It Be Known… Recognizing Charitable Donors

Thanking you donors

There is no worse feeling for a donor than to feel unappreciated for the money or in-kind donations they have generously donated to a fundraising organization. At the very least, a heartfelt ‘thank You’ letter is in order. No doubt, however, that your organization can do even better. And you should. Because a little appreciation […]

Monthly Contributions Improve Fundraising Cash Flow

If your organization’s cash flow is a little rocky right now, you might want to take a look at setting up a monthly giving program for individual donors. These giving programs can help individuals contribute to your organization easily and can help ensure that you have ongoing income each month. Monthly contribution commitments work well […]

Using Demographics To Target Fundraising Supporters

Demographics – statistics and summations of fundraising populations – can be useful tools for targeting fundraising efforts. Making the most of fundraising demographics entails research and effective utilization of the statistics available. Today’s Fundraising Demographics Fundraising demographics are wide and varied and, like every year, come with some changes and surprises: According to the U.S. […]

Fundraising Donation Request Letters – A Writing Guide

fundraising letter writing guide

Donation request letters can be used as just one part of a fundraising campaign, or they can be the campaign in its entirety. Many organizations prefer to run their campaign entirely through donation request letters because they require few volunteers, but reach a large number of potential donors directly target interested donors and supporters are […]

Sample Donation Request Letter To Parents

fundraising letter request to parents

Following is a sample donation request letter to be sent to parents; feel free to copy and customize this letter with your school specific information as needed. (>> More donation request letters. For any other use, please contact us first.)     Dear Parent, First of all, let me say: Thank you. Thank you for […]

Motivating Volunteers & Donors: Get The Word Out And Increase Profits

The key to successful fundraisers is obvious—get your volunteers to sell more, and get donors to spend more. Obvious, sure, but easier said than done. So what can your group do to make the most of your fundraising efforts and increase fundraiser profits? Get The Word Out Many excellent fundraisers fail for one simple reason—nobody […]

Motivating Volunteers & Donors: Show What You’re About

General fundraising information like brochures and order-takers tell volunteers that there is a fundraiser ongoing, and shows donors what they can buy or give. But order takers and product catalogs do little to motivate volunteers to participate and sell or donors to buy. Sometimes, volunteers and donors need you to take it a step further […]