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Fundraising For A Wind Energy Project

wind energy project fundraising

Is your charitable group looking to support or raise funds for a wind energy project? Or is your school looking to cut electric costs and overhead with a renewable wind project? Outlined here is a quick guide about what you need to know for project funds to get a wind turbine installed! Click here for […]

Sample Donation Request Letter – Wind Energy Project

sample fundraising letter wind energy

Following is a sample donation request letter for wind project that could be used by  a school PT organization to parents, but could easily be adapted for any other group or nonprofit as well. Read more about fundraising for wind energy projects. Feel free to copy it and modify it for your fundraising needs. For […]

4 Ways Foreign Aid Helps Your Community

global aid

It is logical to think “Why give tax dollars and charitable dollars abroad when so many people are suffering in America?” The reality, however, is that there is a long list of seemingly unconnected benefits to Americans for giving tax dollars as well as private dollars as foreign aid. Those benefits are tangible and intangible […]

Go Global: Tips to Link Your Environmental Cause to the Whole Earth

butterfly painted lady

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, there were 27,485 environmental non-profits in the United States in 2013. If you are one of them, what makes your mission and organizational goals stand out from the rest? Even though it’s sometimes a challenge to relate our world to the whole world, more and more, globalization […]

5 Ways to Use Earth Day to Put Your Nonprofit in the Green

If it seems like every other advertisement is adopting a “green” strategy to show product alignment with environmental friendliness, you are not seeing things. Corporations, nonprofits, and even government agencies are hopping on the green bandwagon because it pays off. Studies show that a majority of people value green, and more than 35% will pay […]

Why Donate to Environmental and Animal Charities?


Our world is an ever changing environment, morphing through economic crises, recession, climate change, natural disasters, wars and other human catastrophes and there are countless non-profits that help humans in need. But us humans share this planet with other species who we depend on for many things, which means we have a responsibility to our […]