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Fundraising Idea: Ways To Make Money With A Poker Fundraiser

Have you considered holding a poker fundraiser? Poker fundraisers are becoming increasingly popular and are a fun way to raise money for many causes. Depending on how creative you get, this type of fundraiser can earn your group more funds than you might think. Following are some ideas on how to raise funds with a […]

Turn Team Photos and Videos Into A Fundraising Opportunity

football team

When you go to a local football game, a good portion of the crowd has a camera on-hand and they’re snapping photographs left and right. You can organize these photos and videos, create a montage of the highlights throughout the sporting season, and market them as a personalized DVD montage. Before creating and marketing the […]

Ideas For Mini Fundraisers

What is a mini fundraiser? It is a fundraiser that can be done quickly and generally doesn’t yield huge profits. So why hold one? Individually mini fundraisers may not yield large sums of income, but collectively these fundraisers can make quite a difference in your finances. Holding mini fundraisers throughout the year is a great […]

Start With A Small Fundraiser: Why the Yappy Hour Should Come Before the Fur Ball

cats and dog

The following is a guest post by Susan Daffron, the author of ‘Funds to the Rescue: 101 Fundraising Ideas for Humane and Animal Rescue Groups.’ When you run a non-profit animal rescue group, you can’t do it all alone. But time and time again people try. A few months ago, I was talking to a […]

Fundraising Ideas: Show Off And Have Fun At Your Next Fundraising Event!

I can seem overwhelming to keep coming up with quirky and original ideas for your next fundraising event. We know that people respond best to events and initiatives that capture their imagination and encourage an element of fun and participation, but how do we go about it? How can we get volunteers and donors excited […]

Walkathon – Walking For Charity Event

Walking is something that most of us can do with ease, and it is a relaxing and healthy way to pass time. Not only that, but a walkathon can be a challenging and engaging way of raising money for charity, as most people recognize the achievement, and it is available to people of all ages […]

Wine Tasting Fundraising Event – Keys to Success

If you are looking for a truly unique fundraising event then consider a wine tasting fundraiser. This type of fundraiser event takes some special planning considerations but can be a big hit! The key to a successful wine tasting fundraiser The main ingredient to a great wine tasting fundraising event is great wine of course! […]

Church Fundraising Ideas

Raising money for a church is simultaneously the easiest and the hardest thing you’ll ever do. Easy, because the church automatically has a volunteer base to draw from; hard, because church volunteers have often volunteered for many years and it may be hard to introduce new ideas. Still, the main strategy for a successful church […]

Fundraising Idea: Organizing A Raffle Fundraiser

You may think you’ll need to offer a new car, a vacation or other valuable prizes for your raffle fundraiser, but you can have a successful raffle even with smaller prizes. In fact, once you’ll have some success with smaller raffles you may automatically attract donors who are willing to donate an expensive item because […]

Relay For Life Fundraising Ideas

Coming up with new ways to raise money can be a hassle, but when it comes to Relay For Life, fun ideas which are easily scalable are still the way to go. Whether you choose to just use one of these ideas or all of them, you’ll be sure to raise money and increase your […]

Easy Profits With an Easter Chocolate Fundraiser

Some holidays are just perfect for fundraising; from chocolate sales to Bunny hosting, Easter is certainly top of that list. For a simple spring fundraiser with wide appeal and good profit potential, hold an Easter chocolate fundraiser complete with chocolate Easter bunnies. An Easter fundraiser with appeal Chocolate is one of the staple goodies of […]

Fundraising Idea: Portrait Photography Fundraiser

portrait fundraiser

A keen way to raise funds for you group and give people a lasting memento at the same time is to hold a portrait photography fundraiser. To get your portrait fundraiser started, contact a professional photography company and let them know what you want to do. Most of them will then arrange for a photographer […]

Fundraising Idea: Christmas Greenery Fundraiser

Christmas greenery products are an excellent way to make money for your needy organization.  Christmas greenery is easy to sell and is well-received by customers.  A Christmas greenery sale has all the makings of a highly successful seasonal fundraiser. In order to include and address everyone in your fundraiser, be sure to offer items representative […]

Online Cancer Fundraising Campaigns

Following are two more examples of how social media is being used very creatively to raise money for a cause: Blame Drew’s Cancer Fundraising Campaign Fall 2009: Twitterer Drew Olanoff, who is currently being treated for Hodgkin Lymphoma, has started a social media fundraising effort for Lance Armstrong’s LiveStrong campaign. How it all started: When […]

Simple And Low Cost Fundraisers You Can Run With Few Resources And Few Volunteers

The to-do list for running ‘traditional’ fundraisers like candy fundraisers, dances and special events, auctions, raffles and yard sales can be endless: buying and storing products for sale, producing and distributing flyers, making phone calls, keeping track of product inventory and sales, taking kids door to door, collecting money, working ticket booths, cleaning up after […]