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Fundraising Idea: A Halloween Pumpkin Fundraiser

Halloween is a great time for fundraisers, because usually people don’t have family or travel commitments on this holiday. There are different ways to use a Halloween favorite – the pumpkin – to raise funds for your organization: Pumpkin Patch You can purchase pumpkins in bulk from a local farmer and sell them in a […]

Tips for Setting up Fundraiser Booths & Shows

Fundraising booths are elemental in fundraising; and there are plenty of opportunities to set up a fundraising booth of any kind. Where to set up fundraising booths Fundraising booths can be set up by themselves in areas of high traffic for a solitary event, or they can be part of a larger event or fundraising […]

Let The Games Begin: A Carnival Fundraiser

Want to raise money, have lots of fun, and get everyone in your organization involved all at the same time? Hold a carnival fundraiser! A carnival fundraiser doesn’t have to include expensive rides, as long as you have plenty of fun games to offer. Besides booth games, consider sure hits like a dunk tank and […]

Give Great Deals: Start Discount Card Fundraiser

Restaurant Discount Card Fundraiser

Want a fundraiser that supports local businesses, keeps money in your community, has the publicity and support of area merchants, is welcomed by supporters and raises big funds fast? Sound impossible? Read on and learn about Discount Card fundraisers. What is a discount card fundraiser? A discount card fundraiser consists of selling pre-printed cards that […]

Recycle Ink Cartridges And Cell Phones – Tips For Success

Ink cartridge and cell phone recycling fundraisers are very popular because they are super easy and keep millions of useful cartridges and cell phones out of landfills. There are several things your organization can do to make your ink cartridge and cell phone recycling program even more successful. Be A Good Partner Be a good […]

Germany To Jordan Fundraising Car Rally

We’ve come across this fundraising event idea through friends of ours in Southern Germany. It looks like this kind of event requires quite a bit of planning, but when you look at the website for this car rally fundraiser (some pages are available in English) you can see that they’re having so much fun – […]

Tips For Hosting a Car Wash Fundraiser

Hosting a car wash is a great way to raise funds. Plus, a car wash is a great way for members of your organization to get to know each other and have fun. A car wash fund raiser is particularly suited to teen school groups and organizations. To host a car wash, you’ll need just […]

Planning A Dance Fundraiser

dancing fundraiser

School or community dances are great fun for middle and high school aged kids. And, they also happen to be a great way to raise funds, because they’re high on appeal and low on cost and effort. Valentine’s Day and spring are the two most popular times to host a dance; though it’s not necessarily […]

Silent Auction Fundraiser

gift basket ideas for silent auctions

Silent auctions make great, low cost fundraisers. They are also great social events, since you’ll usually generate a crowd, who’ll often stay around until the end for the very last sale. Following are some tips for hosting a silent auction for your organization. Find a venue for your silent auction fundraiser If your group doesn’t […]

Rooftop Fundraising, Cows And Spelling Bees

To keep you up-to-date on creative and innovative fundraising ideas, we will occasionally inform you about how others raise funds for their groups and how you can apply their fundraising strategies to your own fundraiser: With all the buzz about raising money online these days, you’d think that the only money to be found is […]

Design Marathon Fundraiser In Charlottesville, VA

To keep you up-to-date on creative and innovative fundraising ideas, we will occasionally inform you about how others raise funds for their groups and how you can apply their fundraising strategies to your own fundraiser: Are some of your fundraising profits spent on things like designing or printing marketing materials like flyers and posters? With […]

Non-Product Fundraising Ideas

Product fundraisers seem to be the obvious choice for new fundraising groups. To be sure, product fundraisers do have a lot of ease and convenience to offer, and potential for profitability because companies offering product-based fundraisers often supply marketing materials like catalogs and fliers. But product fundraisers can become stale and repetitive, and sometimes it […]

The Basics Of Running An Online Auction Fundraiser

online fundraising auctions

There is some work involved in organizing and maintaining a successful online auction fundraiser, but once your group has the basics down, you’ll find that online auction fundraisers virtually run themselves, and are easily repeated. How to get started with an online auction fundraiser The basic things your group will need to host a fee-based […]

Is Wilbur In The House? We’re Having A Kiss The Pig Fundraiser!

Creativity is the mother of invention here – and of crazy, fun profitable fundraisers. Out of some creative mind, the Kiss the Pig fundraiser was born. We don’t know how or where, but we do know that lots of groups have adopted this crazy fundraiser to bring in some fun and easy money.     […]

Different Ways To Fundraise With Pizza!


Pizza is a wildly popular food across the nation; that fact needs no repeating. Pizza is a staple food in many homes simply because it is fun and convenient, not to mention great tasting. Now fundraising companies have found a variety of ways to cash in on the popularity of pizza for wildly popular and […]