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6 DIY Reuse Crafts for Your Group

Whether you are looking into making DIY crafts to create a sellable product for some project funding needs, generate promotional materials unique to your nonprofit, or provide an activity for your summer camp kids or summer volunteers, keep your activity budget at a minimum and be as green as possible by reusing found and collected […]

Fundraising Idea: Gift Cards

Maybe you’ve used gift cards in gift baskets for silent auctions before, or as prizes for your most successful fundraising volunteers, but have you considered doing a fundraiser by collecting gift cards and cashing them in? Especially during the winter holidays, people get lots of gift cards for presents. Sure, you will most likely want […]

In-Kind Donations and Low Cost Products and Services For Your Group – Part 2

To read more about in-kind donations and ideas on where to get them, click over to part 1. Raising funds in the form of in-kind donations may not be as straight forward as simply asking for cash, but can be lucrative and help your group through a slump when cash donations don’t meet expectations. However, […]

In-Kind Donations and Low Cost Products and Services for Your Group – Part 1

When you’re working or volunteering for a charitable group, you’re used to asking for cash. But there will be times when cash simply doesn’t flow freely, be it because of a national recession, or local factors like high unemployment, or simply because people are overwhelmed by all the solicitations for money they receive. In any […]

Ongoing Fundraiser: Small But Steady Profits With eScrip

Before the school year ends is a perfect time to remind everyone of this ongoing fundraiser, or get started signing up for it. Remember eScrip? If you have a child of middle school age or high school age, you may have already signed up for an eScrip program during their elementary school years, but forgotten […]

Recycle Ink Cartridges And Cell Phones – Tips For Success

Ink cartridge and cell phone recycling fundraisers are very popular because they are super easy and keep millions of useful cartridges and cell phones out of landfills. There are several things your organization can do to make your ink cartridge and cell phone recycling program even more successful. Be A Good Partner Be a good […]

Don’t Forget About These Popular Ongoing Fundraisers!

Ongoing fundraisers – those that can be run with little administrative effort required – can add up to big fundraising dollars over time, and often with very little expense. Be sure to continually promote these fundraisers in your newsletters and on your group’s website, and you’ll always be able to count on an additional stream […]

Raise Funds With

Update: This fundraiser is no longer offered. From their website: “Unfortunately our Fundraiser program wrapped up in November of 2010 and we no longer offer that program. In the 3 years we ran our Fundraiser program we donated over $500,000 to charitable organizations with a large focus going to supporting breast cancer research.” —- This […]

5 More Low-Cost, No-Cost Fundraising Ideas!

Missed out on the first 5 Low-Cost Or No-Cost Fundraiser Ideas? Let’s keep the list going – here are five more low-cost and no-cost fundraising ideas: Cook-offs Chili, chowder, pie, dessert…whatever your group’s favorite may be. Invite expert and amateur chefs alike to enter their fabulous (very large) dishes in a cook-off event for top […]

5 Low-Cost, No-Cost Fundraiser Ideas

Managing fundraisers from a financial perspective is difficult for nearly every group. With a little ingenuity and a concerted effort, any group can raise funds without spending much money at all. Some don’t require any exceptional efforts, either! To help your group get started fundraising for little or no money, here are 5 low-cost or […]