Fundraising Ideas

5 No-Cost Fundraising Tips from Working with the World’s Poorest

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Devon has lived and worked in Paraguay for more than three years, helping nearly 20 community groups, schools, and government agencies design and fund sustainable programs for economic and social development. Does your nonprofit operate with half the staff and budget you really need to get the job done? Or are you a nonprofit helping […]

5 Tips for Throwing an LGBT Friendly Fundraiser

Whether you’re raising money for an LGBT specific cause or any other cause, throwing a fundraiser that welcomes LGBT folks opens up your group to a wider supporter base, shows goodwill on your part and that you are paying attention to societal shifts. While having a fundraiser that caters to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender […]

Top 5 Ways to Fundraise With T-Shirts

T-shirt fundraisers are a popular way to raise money for all sorts of different activities. Some people use t-shirts to raise money for local charities, while others use t-shirt fundraisers to cover adoption costs, medical expenses, and kids sports teams. T-shirt fundraisers are a fun and creative way to raise money. Raising money with t-shirts […]

BBQ Fundraiser!

BBQ fundraiser

Throwing a barbecue fundraiser is a great way to raise funds for your group and getting the whole community involved! With live music and children’s activities, your BBQ fundraiser becomes a fun way to spend the day with the whole family, while supporting a good cause at the same time. Add a competition for the […]

Our 7 Favorite Animal Shelter Fundraising Ideas!

Following are our favorite animal shelter fundraising ideas! Fun, social and lucrative! With any event that involves animals, remember to plan for extra clean up volunteers 😉 1. Have a social “Yappy Hour” Like Happy Hour at the bar, this one features drinks and a friendly atmosphere with all your dog lover friends and like […]

How to Run a Used Books Fundraiser

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Even though the balance of book buying has shifted from print to e-book downloads, many of us still own and love printed books, new or used. Printed books are still in demand, especially when they can be had for a low price at a fundraiser like this. Essentially, a used books fundraiser brings together those […]

School Portrait Fundraiser – Consider Copyrights

What makes a school portrait fundraiser special in this age of digital photos and photo sharing on the web is the fact that you get to hold an actual portrait in your hands. When is the last time you held an actual photograph in your hands? Chances are it’s been several years, because many of […]

15 Most Popular Online Fundraising Sites

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Even if your group has a website – what if a PayPal Donation button isn’t enough and you still need help with marketing, email services and tracking your donations? Consider trying on of the dozens of online fundraising sites available; we’ve combed the web for you and have come up with a list of the […]

How to Ask for Car Donations

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Just thinking about asking people to donate their cars can be intimidating. After all, you’re asking your supporters to make a donation that’s potentially worth thousands of dollars. But don’t worry, car donations are quite popular and many people are eager to donate their cars and receive a tax write-off instead of going through the […]

Fundraising Idea: How to Run a Reverse Raffle Fundraiser

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The following is a guest post by the folks at We all know how a raffle works, you sell tickets and draw a winner, but how does a reverse raffle work? The tickets for a reverse raffle are sold just the same, but the difference is that you are going to draw all of […]

Are you Considering Vehicle Donations?

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Many §501(c)(3) charities have already instituted vehicle donations programs to aid in their fundraising efforts. Under Internal Revenue Service rules, a “vehicle” includes “motor vehicles manufactured primarily for use on public streets, roads, and highways; a boat; or an airplane.” Read on to learn if a vehicle donation program might be right for your group. […]

100 + Fundraising Ideas!

Need some inspiration for your next fundraiser? Following are 100 + ideas to get you started! Don’t forget: * To maximize your income, get as many materials, rentals and prizes as possible donated, including space to hold your event and flyer printing * consider inviting special guests, like principals, local business leaders and celebrities who […]

Fundraising Idea: Peace Sign Fundraiser

For this fundraiser you’ll need hula hoops, string lights, and volunteers to help assemble your peace signs – or any other signs you think are appropriate and supporters would love to buy. We chose the peace sign because of its popularity, but, as with any other type of sign or symbol, it can mean different […]

Tips for Running a Marathon Fundraiser

Holding a marathon fundraiser is a fun and healthy way to bring community and family together to raise money for a good cause. Considering the estimated number of runners, spectators, volunteers and sponsors you’ll have, as well as road closures, health care and security concerns, it’s wise to start planning your fundraiser six to twelve […]

Guaranteed Fun – Hold a Karaoke Fundraiser!

Maybe you’ve had a stressful fundraising season but you’re still on the hook for one more event, or you’re looking for a simple and quick add-on fundraiser to another event. Why not plan for a karaoke fundraiser? This event costs little to put on and provides an easy way to earn money and have lots […]