Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Idea: Food Truck Fundraiser

Food truck fundraiser

Maybe you’ve already seen them in your neighborhood, or heard about them in the news: a new generation of food trucks that serves everything from tri-tip and crepes to cupcakes or any ethnic cuisine you can imagine. Unlike a traditional ice cream truck, or the hot dog and taco wagons at a downtown street corner, […]

Fundraising Idea: Make Money With a Valentine’s Day Fundraiser

Valentine’s Day is one of the best times of year to hold a fundraiser! A Valentine’s Day fundraiser offers the advantages of • Decreased competition from other fundraisers – as opposed to the busy times of year for fundraising like Christmas and Fall, when many local and nationwide groups launch major campaigns • Demand for […]

Fundraising Idea: Gift Cards

Maybe you’ve used gift cards in gift baskets for silent auctions before, or as prizes for your most successful fundraising volunteers, but have you considered doing a fundraiser by collecting gift cards and cashing them in? Especially during the winter holidays, people get lots of gift cards for presents. Sure, you will most likely want […]

Raise Funds in your Neighborhood with Groupon Grassroots

g-team logo

The founders of, the popular coupon website just can’t help themselves: they’ve morphed Groupon out of their then not so popular fundraising site and have now found a way to get back to their fundraising roots and put the two together as Groupon Grassroots.” (Formerly called the G-Team.) Groupon Grassroots is a new […]

First Aid Fundraiser

Need, practicality, and usefulness are three elements that can really boost fundraising product sales. When you show your customers that you are selling something that is truly helpful and needed in their homes and their lives, like first aid kits and safety products, you grab their attention and their orders. First aid kits and other […]

Make Money, Leave a Legacy—Have a Cookbook Fundraiser!

A cookbook fundraiser can be an interesting, profitable way to raise money for your group; and the added benefit is that you get to create a product that promotes pride and community, while leaving a lasting legacy! Why a cookbook fundraiser? • This kind of fundraiser becomes a “community” group project that brings everyone together […]

Fundraising Idea: Golf Fundraiser

A golf fundraiser can raise substantial amounts of money and is a great way to attract a large number of supporters for your cause. It is also a great way to entice members of the business community to participate. Many of them probably already play golf – it is a great way to have meetings […]

Fundraising Idea: Recycle Electronics For Cash

used electronics recycling

Raising cash by recycling electronics doesn’t just help your group, it also helps prevent e-waste by keeping millions of TVs, computers etc. out of landfills. But more electronics recycling programs have become available recently, not just for cell phones, but for many different types of electronics, including, mp3 players, digital cameras, calculators, gaming systems, Blu-Ray […]

In-Kind Donations and Low Cost Products and Services For Your Group – Part 2

To read more about in-kind donations and ideas on where to get them, click over to part 1. Raising funds in the form of in-kind donations may not be as straight forward as simply asking for cash, but can be lucrative and help your group through a slump when cash donations don’t meet expectations. However, […]

In-Kind Donations and Low Cost Products and Services for Your Group – Part 1

When you’re working or volunteering for a charitable group, you’re used to asking for cash. But there will be times when cash simply doesn’t flow freely, be it because of a national recession, or local factors like high unemployment, or simply because people are overwhelmed by all the solicitations for money they receive. In any […]

Fundraising Idea: Ways To Make Money With A Poker Fundraiser

Have you considered holding a poker fundraiser? Poker fundraisers are becoming increasingly popular and are a fun way to raise money for many causes. Depending on how creative you get, this type of fundraiser can earn your group more funds than you might think. Following are some ideas on how to raise funds with a […]

Turn Team Photos and Videos Into A Fundraising Opportunity

football team

When you go to a local football game, a good portion of the crowd has a camera on-hand and they’re snapping photographs left and right. You can organize these photos and videos, create a montage of the highlights throughout the sporting season, and market them as a personalized DVD montage. Before creating and marketing the […]

Ideas For Mini Fundraisers

What is a mini fundraiser? It is a fundraiser that can be done quickly and generally doesn’t yield huge profits. So why hold one? Individually mini fundraisers may not yield large sums of income, but collectively these fundraisers can make quite a difference in your finances. Holding mini fundraisers throughout the year is a great […]

There Is Still Time For A Quick Holiday Fundraiser

If you haven’t started yet to plan for your end of the year holiday fundraiser, it’s high time! Fortunately, many of the traditional holiday fundraisers can be organized quickly and don’t take that much effort to organize. If you’re thinking of skipping this fundraising opportunity, because of the tough economy, or you think you don’t […]

Start With A Small Fundraiser: Why the Yappy Hour Should Come Before the Fur Ball

cats and dog

The following is a guest post by Susan Daffron, the author of ‘Funds to the Rescue: 101 Fundraising Ideas for Humane and Animal Rescue Groups.’ When you run a non-profit animal rescue group, you can’t do it all alone. But time and time again people try. A few months ago, I was talking to a […]