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How School Fundraising is Impacted by Health Policies

health policy and school fundraising

Money or Health – Which comes first? Should schools cut the candy fundraising addiction? Perhaps a better question is, can they? According to PTO Today, schools raise more than $1.5 billion annually. At the top of the sales list are candy, catalogs (which contain candy) and gift wrap. To add fuel to the fire, schools […]

12 Resources for a Better Product Fundraiser

Fundraising products

Selling products or services can be a great way to raise funds for your nonprofit group. The key to a successful product fundraiser or event is to make sure you plan ahead of time and match your group’s strengths to your chosen fundraiser. Here are some top resources to help you not just decide what […]

4 Tips to Modernize Your Bake Sale Fundraiser for October Cookie Month!

bake sale fundraiser

Did you know that October is not just National Cookie Month, but National Caramel Month and National Dessert Month as well? Sweets are in the air, with a national mandate! Bake sales might seem like an idea of the past that brings in little money and eats up oodles of mom’s time. With a few […]

Top 5 Ways to Fundraise With T-Shirts

T-shirt fundraisers are a popular way to raise money for all sorts of different activities. Some people use t-shirts to raise money for local charities, while others use t-shirt fundraisers to cover adoption costs, medical expenses, and kids sports teams. T-shirt fundraisers are a fun and creative way to raise money. Raising money with t-shirts […]

How to Run a Used Books Fundraiser

girl reading books

Even though the balance of book buying has shifted from print to e-book downloads, many of us still own and love printed books, new or used. Printed books are still in demand, especially when they can be had for a low price at a fundraiser like this. Essentially, a used books fundraiser brings together those […]

School Portrait Fundraiser – Consider Copyrights

What makes a school portrait fundraiser special in this age of digital photos and photo sharing on the web is the fact that you get to hold an actual portrait in your hands. When is the last time you held an actual photograph in your hands? Chances are it’s been several years, because many of […]

100 + Fundraising Ideas!

Need some inspiration for your next fundraiser? Following are 100 + ideas to get you started! Don’t forget: * To maximize your income, get as many materials, rentals and prizes as possible donated, including space to hold your event and flyer printing * consider inviting special guests, like principals, local business leaders and celebrities who […]

Fundraising Idea: Peace Sign Fundraiser

For this fundraiser you’ll need hula hoops, string lights, and volunteers to help assemble your peace signs – or any other signs you think are appropriate and supporters would love to buy. We chose the peace sign because of its popularity, but, as with any other type of sign or symbol, it can mean different […]

Fundraising Idea: Make Money With a Valentine’s Day Fundraiser

Valentine’s Day is one of the best times of year to hold a fundraiser! A Valentine’s Day fundraiser offers the advantages of • Decreased competition from other fundraisers – as opposed to the busy times of year for fundraising like Christmas and Fall, when many local and nationwide groups launch major campaigns • Demand for […]

Fundraising Idea: Gift Cards

Maybe you’ve used gift cards in gift baskets for silent auctions before, or as prizes for your most successful fundraising volunteers, but have you considered doing a fundraiser by collecting gift cards and cashing them in? Especially during the winter holidays, people get lots of gift cards for presents. Sure, you will most likely want […]

First Aid Fundraiser

Need, practicality, and usefulness are three elements that can really boost fundraising product sales. When you show your customers that you are selling something that is truly helpful and needed in their homes and their lives, like first aid kits and safety products, you grab their attention and their orders. First aid kits and other […]

Make Money, Leave a Legacy—Have a Cookbook Fundraiser!

A cookbook fundraiser can be an interesting, profitable way to raise money for your group; and the added benefit is that you get to create a product that promotes pride and community, while leaving a lasting legacy! Why a cookbook fundraiser? • This kind of fundraiser becomes a “community” group project that brings everyone together […]

In-Kind Donations and Low Cost Products and Services For Your Group – Part 2

To read more about in-kind donations and ideas on where to get them, click over to part 1. Raising funds in the form of in-kind donations may not be as straight forward as simply asking for cash, but can be lucrative and help your group through a slump when cash donations don’t meet expectations. However, […]

In-Kind Donations and Low Cost Products and Services for Your Group – Part 1

When you’re working or volunteering for a charitable group, you’re used to asking for cash. But there will be times when cash simply doesn’t flow freely, be it because of a national recession, or local factors like high unemployment, or simply because people are overwhelmed by all the solicitations for money they receive. In any […]

Easy Profits With an Easter Chocolate Fundraiser

Some holidays are just perfect for fundraising; from chocolate sales to Bunny hosting, Easter is certainly top of that list. For a simple spring fundraiser with wide appeal and good profit potential, hold an Easter chocolate fundraiser complete with chocolate Easter bunnies. An Easter fundraiser with appeal Chocolate is one of the staple goodies of […]