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‘Print-on-demand’ Calendars and Cookbooks For Your Next Fundraiser

fundraising calendar

With the possibility of ‘print-on-demand’ and the ease of self publishing, products like calendars and cookbooks that were previously deemed too expensive or too time intensive to produce and sell for fundraising purposes have actually now become ‘quick to plan and sell’ additions to the collection of fundraising products. Calendars: In the old days you’d […]

Valentine’s Day Flower Fundraiser

Everyone knows that flowers and chocolate are the staples of Valentine’s Day. As a ‘no calorie’ fundraiser, a Valentine’s Day Flower Sale is a great way to capitalize on the expectations of the day! What Is A Valentine’s Day Flower Sale? In essence, a Valentine’s Day Flower Sale is a pre-order flower sale. Your group […]

Fundraising Idea: Christmas Greenery Fundraiser

Christmas greenery products are an excellent way to make money for your needy organization.  Christmas greenery is easy to sell and is well-received by customers.  A Christmas greenery sale has all the makings of a highly successful seasonal fundraiser. In order to include and address everyone in your fundraiser, be sure to offer items representative […]

Simple And Low Cost Fundraisers You Can Run With Few Resources And Few Volunteers

The to-do list for running ‘traditional’ fundraisers like candy fundraisers, dances and special events, auctions, raffles and yard sales can be endless: buying and storing products for sale, producing and distributing flyers, making phone calls, keeping track of product inventory and sales, taking kids door to door, collecting money, working ticket booths, cleaning up after […]

Fundraising Idea: A Halloween Pumpkin Fundraiser

Halloween is a great time for fundraisers, because usually people don’t have family or travel commitments on this holiday. There are different ways to use a Halloween favorite – the pumpkin – to raise funds for your organization: Pumpkin Patch You can purchase pumpkins in bulk from a local farmer and sell them in a […]

Tips for Setting up Fundraiser Booths & Shows

Fundraising booths are elemental in fundraising; and there are plenty of opportunities to set up a fundraising booth of any kind. Where to set up fundraising booths Fundraising booths can be set up by themselves in areas of high traffic for a solitary event, or they can be part of a larger event or fundraising […]

Using Customized Notecards to Raise Money

The following is a guest post by Galit Fraser, owner of My Notecard Maker. Thanks you for the fundraising idea Galit! Notecard fundraisers are easy, economical, and popular, especially with schools and churches.  They offer a great way to showcase students’ art, photos of animals, weddings, inspirational quotes, and more. Tips for using a notecard […]

Reusable Shopping Bags Fundraiser

Reusable shopping bags are cropping up in every store and now in fundraisers as well. Using reusable shopping bags is one of the easiest and impacting ways to do something good for the environment. What’s better than raising funds for your group and helping the environment with this green fundraiser at the same time! Stores […]

Automate Your Fundraiser With An Online Magazine Fundraising Campaign

Magazine fundraisers are popular because they provide a product that people are already buying. Online magazine fundraisers take it a step further, presenting some great benefits. The appeal of online magazine fundraisers There are some excellent advantages of running magazine fundraisers online: There are no door to door sales involved. The potential outreach is vast. […]

Non-Product Fundraising Ideas

Product fundraisers seem to be the obvious choice for new fundraising groups. To be sure, product fundraisers do have a lot of ease and convenience to offer, and potential for profitability because companies offering product-based fundraisers often supply marketing materials like catalogs and fliers. But product fundraisers can become stale and repetitive, and sometimes it […]

5 Low-Cost, No-Cost Fundraiser Ideas

Managing fundraisers from a financial perspective is difficult for nearly every group. With a little ingenuity and a concerted effort, any group can raise funds without spending much money at all. Some don’t require any exceptional efforts, either!     To help your group get started fundraising for little or no money, here are 5 […]

Fundraisers To Raise Funds And Team Spirit

cheerleader team

Spirit fundraisers are the ideal fit for fundraisers for schools, sports teams, cheerleaders, dance groups, boosters clubs, youth groups, and more. What makes spirit fundraisers popular Spirit fundraisers fulfill the demand of club members, parents, and supporters looking to show their support. In many cases, supporters plan for and budget for spirit apparel and other […]

A Sucker For Fundraising – Lollipop Fundraisers


Maybe you’ve never thought of lollipops as a viable fundraising product, but lollipop fundraisers are popular, well-received, profitable, and economical, too. What more could you ask for? But to be even more specific, following are some good reasons why lollipops should be on your list of products to consider when deciding on your next fundraiser. […]

Coffee Fundraising

Americans love their coffee. That makes this manageable grocery item an ideal choice for a product-based coffee fundraiser! (More fundraising ideas.) Running a coffee fundraiser Coffee fundraisers are often run as a catalog (or brochure) fundraiser. The coffee fundraising company you choose will provide your group members with all the marketing materials they need. Buyers […]

Different Ways To Fundraise With Pizza!


Pizza is a wildly popular food across the nation; that fact needs no repeating. Pizza is a staple food in many homes simply because it is fun and convenient, not to mention great tasting. Now fundraising companies have found a variety of ways to cash in on the popularity of pizza for wildly popular and […]