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Fundraising With Chocolate

chocolates fundraiser

Everybody loves chocolate! This simple fact is what makes chocolate fundraisers such successful and popular means of fundraising. Running A Chocolate Fundraiser Chocolate fundraisers can be either cash-and-carry sales or brochure and catalog order taking events. They may consist of quick and easy candy bar sales or more complex catalog sales offering customers a wide […]

Fundraising Candy Boxes – Fast Money, High Appeal

candy box

Looking for an easy and fast way to make money with an appealing product that virtually sells itself? Fundraising candy boxes are the order of the day. What’s A Candy Box Fundraiser? Fundraising with fundraiser candy boxes is very simple. You order pre-packed boxes of single-serve candies, distribute a box for each child or seller, […]

Easy Profits With Stationary Fundraisers

Stationary fundraisers can include but also go beyond holiday card and gift wrap fundraisers Stationary fundraiser basics Stationary fundraisers are usually run via the brochure sales method. Your partnering fundraising company will supply brochures and order takers for sellers to present to buyers. Orders are usually paid for at the time of order. After the […]

The Warm Glow Of Fundraising: Candle Fundraisers

Candle selling is a 2 billion dollar plus industry (not including accessories). That’s a huge market that is definitely worth tapping to raise funds for your organization. Candle sales consist primarily of the sale of the very popular scented candles consumers buy to make their homes a better place to be. Scented candles are available […]

CD Fundraiser

CD fundraisers can raise significant money while providing supporters with an entertaining, valuable and useful product. CD fundraisers are not strictly limited to Music CD’s; DVD movies and computer software programs are available as well. By fundraising with a company who is contracted with major production studios, the offerings available to buyers through a CD […]

Brick Fundraiser

With so many fundraising options these days, it is the unique and creative ones that get the best response. Brick fundraisers are both unique and creative, and pay lasting recognition to donors. Fundraising committees naturally first look for the best product they think supporters will buy or event they think their supporters would like to […]

T-Shirt Fundraisers

T-shirt and apparel fundraisers are well-received by customers for several reasons: T-shirts and apparel are fun and fashionable T-shirts and apparel are useful; they are needed items that consumers would be buying anyway T-shirts and apparel can show support for secondary organizations (such as save the whales, save the earth, support education…) while financially supporting […]

Fundraising With Cheese Cake And Other Baked Foods

Baked goods fundraiser

Cheese cakes, other bakery products and gourmet foods are very popular fundraiser items. They are easy to sell and well-received, and can turn a sizable profit with organizations often keeping as much as 60% of sales returns. Bakery goods, such as cookies, pies, cheese cakes, cookie doughs, and gourmet food and baked-goods mixes, do well […]

Water Bottle Fundraiser

Whether you’re planning on using reusable and customized water and sports bottles, or water bottles that bear your group’s label, this type of fundraiser presents yet another simple and inexpensive fundraising option. Read on for pros and cons and links to suppliers: Basics of running a water bottle fundraiser Water bottle fundraisers are run primarily […]

Go Groceries! Raising Funds With Everyday Foodstuffs

mini fundraiser

Fundraising companies have gotten very good at combining consumer need with profitability. They understand that sales of unwanted or unneeded products will only get them and their patrons (fundraising organizations) so far. To build lasting sales and demand, fundraisers must find a way to reach out and supply consumers with items and products they want […]

All Wrapped Up: Fundraising With Gift Wraps And Greeting Cards

giftwrap fundraiser

There comes a time when everyone is in need of gift wrap and greeting cards. Your next fundraiser can be a year-round supply train for your supporters. Gift wrap fundraising why and when Gift wrap and greeting card fundraisers have been popular for several years now for one elemental reason – everyone uses gift wrap […]