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Seed Money for Nonprofits – 11 Keys to Success

Are you forming a new nonprofit and think the grant money will just pour in the second you start asking for grants? Maybe it will, but more likely than not, you will find it challenging to find foundations and corporations that want to invest in an organization without a track record, no matter how wonderful […]

Getting Your Grant: 10 Things to Focus on Besides Writing

To get grant dollars, whether from private foundations or government agencies, your writing should be secondary to other preparations. Too many nonprofits make the mistake of investing in a solid technical writer and spending hours preparing a lengthy proposal with perfect grammar, while ignoring what is really important. Yes, writing counts, but make sure you […]

Don’t Stop: On-Going Data Collection for Nonprofit Grants Proposals

Nonprofit organizations must always be on the lookout for funding possibilities. Whether these are foundation grants, community awards, or gifts from various corporations, the charity has to be in a position to request sizable donations. The reason is very simple: these types of awards are much larger than could be obtained from bake sales and […]

Learn from Grant Writers’ Hindsight

Grants writing can be a discipline, a skill, or an art form. It all depends on whom it is you are talking to. Learning how to write a grant sometimes is the consequence of on-the-job experience and grant writers will often admit to superior hindsight. They won’t hesitate to talk about those things which, had […]

3 Steps to Help your Organization Better Serve Community Need

Today more and more nonprofits and organizations are competing for less and less dollars of foundation and government grant support. While nonprofits need to stay true to their mission and vision, they also, to win those precious dollars, need to frame themselves within the context of what their community needs. Non-profits need to market themselves […]

The Great Value of Mini Grants

A startup nonprofit is often rich in sweat equity. Eager volunteers are full of enthusiasm and gladly donate hours of time to the new organization. This can work well at the beginning but it does come to a point where money is needed. The challenge is that a new charity has no track record or […]

Get Ready for Grant Submission Season

The last few weeks of the year are a good time to take stock of things and at the same time look ahead to the coming year. Nonprofit organizations rely to some degree on the ability to secure grants in a usually very competitive market. The better prepared the organization is for the active grant […]

How a New Non-profit Can Get Funding

Nonprofit organizations in the early stages are full of enthusiasm and ideas but low on cash. Fundraisers such as bake sales and organized marathons will generate contributions, but grants can often provide much larger amounts of needed money. Some nonprofits are a bit intimidated with grants writing and are afraid they’ll be unsuccessful. Failure is […]

The Secret Source for Grant Money

So often, nonprofit organizations are looking to “hit it big” with large grants from big, well-known foundations. The competition for those grants is fierce and an organization can spend countless hours tracking and applying for these grants that they may have little chance of getting. Instead, a tighter focus on a secret source of local […]

Fund Your Social Cause With The Pepsi Refresh Project

Note: This project has been discontinued. The Pepsi Refresh Project is an effort to change the world by providing funding to those who wish to make the world a better place. Through this project you could gain funding for your own social cause! Individuals, businesses and non-profits can participate. What is the Pepsi Refresh Project? […]