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How a New Non-profit Can Get Funding

Nonprofit organizations in the early stages are full of enthusiasm and ideas but low on cash. Fundraisers such as bake sales and organized marathons will generate contributions, but grants can often provide much larger amounts of needed money. Some nonprofits are a bit intimidated with grants writing and are afraid they’ll be unsuccessful. Failure is […]

The Secret Source for Grant Money

community - sign

So often, nonprofit organizations are looking to “hit it big” with large grants from big, well-known foundations. The competition for those grants is fierce and an organization can spend countless hours tracking and applying for these grants that they may have little chance of getting. Instead, a tighter focus on a secret source of local […]

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Fund Your Social Cause With The Pepsi Refresh Project

Pepsi Refresh Project

Note: This project has been discontinued. The Pepsi Refresh Project is an effort to change the world by providing funding to those who wish to make the world a better place. Through this project you could gain funding for your own social cause! Individuals, businesses and non-profits can participate. What is the Pepsi Refresh Project? […]

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How To Apply For The Google AdWords Advertising Grant

The Google AdWords advertising grant can be an excellent tool for certified non-profit organizations. The Google AdWords grant is an in-kind donation program awarding free AdWords advertising to select charitable organizations. Currently about 4,000 organizations are enrolled in the program. The typical grantee in the Google AdWords program receives just over $300 worth of advertising […]

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Get $20,000 In Sponsorship Funding From Tom’s Of Maine

Tom’s of Maine (the company that makes the natural soaps, toothpastes etc.) is looking for applications for community involvement projects from nonprofit organizations. The project application period starts on June 1, 2009 and ends on August 30, 2009. After this deadline a review panel will narrow down the applications to 50 finalists. The finalists will […]

Guidelines For Using Grant Money


Congratulations! You’ve become the official recipient of a grant! Now what? Well, the first thing to do, once you’ve received the money either in the form of a check or sometimes as part of a contract, is to write back to the grant foundation and thank them. The grant foundation will appreciate it and your […]

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Saving Money During Tough Times

If your charitable organization is like many, contributions are lagging during this tough economic period. During times like these, it’s important to find ways to cut costs so that your organization can continue to provide its basic services on a smaller budget. Following are some ideas to help you save money. Trim budgets Take a […]

Doubling Your Organization’s Money through Matching Grants

Fundraising during a slowing economy can be especially tough. Organizations have to get creative in order to get the donations required to get their projects up and running or keep them going. One way that many organizations have improved their fundraising efforts is through matching grants. Grant matching can be fun and can help reduce […]

What Foundations Are Looking For

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Obviously it’s impossible to make a blanket statement and say that “all foundations want x,” but there is one thing all foundations want to know: Can you be trusted? If they can reasonably answer that question, “Yes,” then you will go far in the grant seeking process. If not, your application will likely be one […]

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5 Tips For Grant Writing Success!

grant writing

The following is a guest post by Miranda Ash who is a Grants Fundraiser for Music In Hospitals. Thank you for the tips Miranda! As the economic downturn begins to bite charities and NGOs, the need to approach trusts and foundations for support is increasing. Grants fundraising takes persistence, determination, imagination and creativity! Here are […]

Free Software For Your Non-Profit

If you’ve been considering filing for 501(c)(3) status for your group, but are still hesitating, here’s another good reason not to postpone it any longer: If your group has current 501(c)(3) status (K-12 schools also qualify), you’ll be eligible to apply for free software donations from Adobe. (Fees apply.) Adobe creates and distributes such great […]

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Understanding The Grant Application

You might have already had to answer the following question when you applied for non-profit status. However, instead of just copying the same answers into your grant application, take a second look and see if you can’t possibly tweak or update this information. Maybe your organization has grown considerably or maybe your board has new […]

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Raise Funds For Yourself?

Maybe you’ve been raising funds for your kids school, cancer research programs, or other good causes for quite some time, but now you find that you need some financial help yourself. Maybe you’ve lost your job or had your hours cut back. Now what? The only thing that can help long term of course is […]

Google Grant: Free Advertising For Non-Profit Organizations

Google is showing that they care about bettering the world we live in by offering a grant program for non-profit organizations, the Google Grant. The Google Grant is a program which provides free Google AdWords advertising for selected non-profit organizations. The Google Grant is an easy way to significantly increase traffic to your non-profit group’s […]

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