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4 Steps to Turn Your Nonprofit Blog Into a Donation Magnet

tips for nonprofit blog

I see it happen all the time on nonprofit websites: a blog that starts with gusto but then trails off into oblivion like an aging cowboy into the sunset. You’ve probably seen them too. So when your board says, “Hey, we should start a blog!” you may wince at the image of your blog lying […]

Helpful Tips for a Successful Charity Fundraising Event – Interview with Teresa Mathers

Helpful tips for a successful charity fundraising event

Last week I met up with Teresa Mathers and asked her about her experiences working for many different charities in different roles wearing many different hats for the last 25 years. She currently volunteers for the Santa Clarita Valley Rose Society and is Vice President of membership. I asked Teresa a few questions about what […]

Improve Your Nonprofit’s Brand Image – 6 Questions to Ask Yourself

Improve your nonprofit's brand image

Nonprofits need a powerful brand image to compete in an ever growing pool of charities.  More than 1.5 million nonprofits are now registered in the United States, and the ones that best relay their mission, purpose, uniqueness, and efficacy with a clear, consistent message are the ones that are succeeding in both raising funds and […]

Starting a New Nonprofit? 10 Things You Need to Know to Make it a Success

How to start a nonprofit

Congratulations! So you’re launching a new nonprofit, a brand new organization unique to your community. It’s an important decision to commit to social change, but now what? Where do you and your team go from here? A resilient nonprofit startup needs a vital mission, consistent and varied income streams, good accountability, and high-quality programs and […]

What You Need to Know About Branding Your Nonprofit

What you need to know about branding for your nonprofit

Branding has taken on new meaning in the nonprofit world. Your brand can not only serve as a catalyst for more efficient fundraising but also as a tool for community engagement and advancing your mission to the next level. In fact, your brand could be your greatest asset and provide organizational efficiency and cohesion for […]

3 Forms of Corporate Philanthropy

Nonprofit professionals know better than anyone just how difficult it can be to find funding. It’s a limited resource for a massive field of qualified and deserving candidates. As that field gets more and more crowded, fundraisers have to get more and more creative with how they acquire donors. Corporate giving is a donation avenue […]

5 Basics to Begin Donor Segmentation

Do you remember the saying, “Begin with the end in mind,” that great bit of advice given by the late Stephen Covey? In the business of growing nonprofits, how would this principle apply to one of our biggest assets, our donors? Successful donor segmentation from the start is a key strategy to great donor communications […]

Quick Quiz! What Fundraising Mix is Most Effective for Your Nonprofit?

What is your most effective fundraising mix?

Don’t waste thousands of dollars in planning and hundreds of hours going after the wrong funding opportunities! Take our quick quiz to determine what a good fundraising mix is for your particular organization:     Question 1: How have you supported your organization to date? We haven’t! We’re just getting started. (1 point) We have […]

Get Ready for Fall Fundraising! 12 Tips for Your Nonprofit

Fall fundraising

August may be the slowest month for nonprofit fundraising in the entire calendar year – so use it to your advantage to plan, be on your toes, and be successful in the fall! Here are 12 helpful tips to start preparing for your nonprofit’s fall fundraising. 1. Set your fall fundraising goals Follow this easy […]

Checkout Charity: Good For Small Local Nonprofits?

Checkout charity – or point-of-sale fundraising – is big business for national nonprofits. But the question here is: Can this type of fundraiser work for smaller, local organizations? Stores everywhere are getting involved, restaurants too and even local utility companies. After all, what harm is there in asking for a dollar or two to support […]

9 Reasons Why Fundraising is Important for Your Nonprofit

Nonprofits too often look at fundraising only as a means to making money to accomplish their agendas and pay their staff, so much so that they neglect to integrate fundraising into their plan as a whole. Nonprofits that do incorporate fundraising and development into their organizational strategy are the ones that end up being successful, […]

How to Organize an Online Grassroots Political Fundraiser

Here are 5 simple steps to organize a successful online grassroots fundraiser for your candidate or cause this political season! Top political analysts claim “there are no huge microphones anymore” and that online presence, especially with fundraising, could make or break the 2016 elections. (See Yahoo.com) Obama won the 2012 election because he raised millions […]

Top 4 Green Trends to Boost Your Environmental Nonprofit Fundraising

If you are an environmental nonprofit, or just a nonprofit going green, certain trends in American philanthropy can help you boost your fundraising! The bottom line is that nontraditional givers are now helping green nonprofits, for nontraditional reasons – and charity to green causes is rising faster than nearly any other giving segment as a […]

What Nonprofits Need to Know about Donations to Political Campaigns

For the 2016 presidential election, more than $6 billion will be donated to political campaigns according to The Wire – and generally the side that raises the most money wins. Where does that money come from and where exactly does it go, however? Political donation law limits the amount of money that one individual or […]

50 Inspiring Quotations To Delight And Motivate your Group

Business gurus, motivational sages and savvy speakers are aware of the value of a timely quotation. Here are some favorite quotations to use whenever delight and inspiration are needed; with your colleagues, your board, in training materials, presentations and donor communications. Even with your morning coffee before tackling the dreaded email tsunami. Emphasize the mission […]