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Checkout Charity: Good For Small Local Nonprofits?

Checkout charity – or point-of-sale fundraising – is big business for national nonprofits. But the question here is: Can this type of fundraiser work for smaller, local organizations? Stores everywhere are getting involved, restaurants too and even local utility companies. After all, what harm is there in asking for a dollar or two to support […]

9 Reasons Why Fundraising is Important for Your Nonprofit

Nonprofits too often look at fundraising only as a means to making money to accomplish their agendas and pay their staff, so much so that they neglect to integrate fundraising into their plan as a whole. Nonprofits that do incorporate fundraising and development into their organizational strategy are the ones that end up being successful, […]

How to Organize an Online Grassroots Political Fundraiser

Here are 5 simple steps to organize a successful online grassroots fundraiser for your candidate or cause this political season! Top political analysts claim “there are no huge microphones anymore” and that online presence, especially with fundraising, could make or break the 2016 elections. (See Yahoo.com) Obama won the 2012 election because he raised millions […]

Top 4 Green Trends to Boost Your Environmental Nonprofit Fundraising

If you are an environmental nonprofit, or just a nonprofit going green, certain trends in American philanthropy can help you boost your fundraising! The bottom line is that nontraditional givers are now helping green nonprofits, for nontraditional reasons – and charity to green causes is rising faster than nearly any other giving segment as a […]

What Nonprofits Need to Know about Donations to Political Campaigns

For the 2016 presidential election, more than $6 billion will be donated to political campaigns according to The Wire – and generally the side that raises the most money wins. Where does that money come from and where exactly does it go, however? Political donation law limits the amount of money that one individual or […]

50 Inspiring Quotations To Delight And Motivate your Group

Business gurus, motivational sages and savvy speakers are aware of the value of a timely quotation. Here are some favorite quotations to use whenever delight and inspiration are needed; with your colleagues, your board, in training materials, presentations and donor communications. Even with your morning coffee before tackling the dreaded email tsunami. Emphasize the mission […]

Venture Philanthropy – What is it and how do You Attract it to Your Nonprofit?

venture philanthropy

Venture Philanthropy is a buzzword for forward thinking and impact donations that weed through the web of charities and give to the most sustainable and innovative. With a total of 1.5 million nonprofits registered at any time in the United States, what makes an organization truly sustainable, and hence worthy of investment, is its revenue […]

How to Attract Corporate Sponsorship – 6 Steps

Corporate sponsorship

From the DONNA Breast Cancer Marathon to the Purina Paws for the Planet, corporations seem to have their names on nearly everything charitable.  Corporate sponsorship spending is directly tied to corporate earning – as earnings increase this year as projected, more money will be available for sponsorship. By following these simple steps, you can attract […]

8 Essentials for Your Organization’s Case Statement

Are your fundraising efforts standing on the firm foundation of an outstanding case statement? Of all the documents an organization uses to aid fundraising, the case statement is one of the most important. The case statement (or case for support) is used by a nonprofit as a basis for all communication and solicitations with donors. […]

How to Research Your Fundraising Prospects – 7 Online Resources

Use the following resources to help you figure out the best prospects for your nonprofit or fundraising project – saving you time and money! Deciphering the best prospects for your cause may seem daunting at first, especially if you are new to fundraising. Many nonprofits spend top dollar on hiring development consultants or staff when […]

Promoting Your Nonprofit Locally – 7 Steps

Promotion and marketing are a huge part of nonprofit success, and nowhere is that brand more important than in your local area, for three reasons: 1) the people who you want to serve need to know who you are; 2) more people will donate to you if you have a strong, reputable brand; and 3) […]

Start the New Year out Right: 7 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Group

It’s that classic time for new beginnings, the start of a brand new, shiny bright year. New calendars, new diaries, all those blank pages just begging to be filled. Resolutions are only positive planning using this energy; good for us, good for our business. If your business is charity, harness that potential, all that budding […]

5 Must-Read Books for Fundraisers

Need some reading material for the holidays? A gift for that special fundraiser in your family? Take a look at these top picks available in print or for instant download. But how do you pick among the hundreds, if not thousands, of good fundraising books that have been published to help you develop the resources […]

Who to Ask for Donations

The trend is clear: if you want to raise money for your organization in today’s economy, you need to know what individuals to ask for donations. While philanthropy as a whole is on the rise in the US, the majority of funding, and nearly all of the fundraising increase, is coming from rich American philanthropists.  […]

Fundraising with Confidence and without Fear

It’s unfortunate that in a world desperately in need of so much for so many, nonprofits struggle with fundraising. In a 2013 report by CompassPoint, key areas were identified where nonprofits – particularly smaller nonprofits – fell vulnerable to fundraising failures. The upshot was that nonprofits don’t generate the circumstances basic to fundraising success. Many […]