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Fundraising in January? – 7 Reasons Why You Should!

After a slew of end of year fundraising appeals, holiday events, and the rush (and stress relief) of securing phenomenal gifts and meeting annual goals, nonprofits often take January off from fundraising to plan and focus on other priorities. January, however, is one of the best months to connect with donors!  Here are seven reasons […]

Improve Your Nonprofit’s Brand Image – 6 Questions to Ask Yourself

Improve your nonprofit's brand image

Nonprofits need a powerful brand image to compete in an ever growing pool of charities.  More than 1.5 million nonprofits are now registered in the United States, and the ones that best relay their mission, purpose, uniqueness, and efficacy with a clear, consistent message are the ones that are succeeding in both raising funds and […]

Starting a New Nonprofit? 10 Things You Need to Know to Make it a Success

How to start a nonprofit

Congratulations! So you’re launching a new nonprofit, a brand new organization unique to your community. It’s an important decision to commit to social change, but now what? Where do you and your team go from here? A resilient nonprofit startup needs a vital mission, consistent and varied income streams, good accountability, and high-quality programs and […]

What You Need to Know About Branding Your Nonprofit

What you need to know about branding for your nonprofit

Branding has taken on new meaning in the nonprofit world. Your brand can not only serve as a catalyst for more efficient fundraising but also as a tool for community engagement and advancing your mission to the next level. In fact, your brand could be your greatest asset and provide organizational efficiency and cohesion for […]

Our E-book Collection of Sample Fundraising Letters!

Are you at a loss for words and don’t know where to start your fundraising letter – including political fundraising? How do you best get across how much passion you have for your work? How do you ask for money without sounding shy or rude?   >> Make it easy on yourself and get focused […]

Promoting Your Nonprofit Locally – 7 Steps

Promotion and marketing are a huge part of nonprofit success, and nowhere is that brand more important than in your local area, for three reasons: 1) the people who you want to serve need to know who you are; 2) more people will donate to you if you have a strong, reputable brand; and 3) […]

Checklist: Make the Most of #GivingTuesday

Be ready to make the most of the #GivingTuesday phenomenon this year! This ‘give instead of get’ holiday season tweeting day has been showing impressive growth results and continues to grow since the inauguration year. (View the latest reports here.) So what do you need to do to get involved in this social media extravaganza? […]

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Your Nonprofit Story: Blockbuster or Dud?

It’s no secret that effective organizations today are using skillful storytelling as a dynamic tool for communication. From filmmakers to plumbers, businesses everywhere are telling their story in some form or another. Robust nonprofits have been doing it successfully for decades. Why is it then that all too often, the nonprofit story is relegated to […]

Got the Donor Blues? Stewardship and Donor Relations

There’s a phenomenon, a wave of charity and compassion that greets cataclysmic events and earth shattering tragedies. The torrent of giving that follows a crisis or disaster fills the databanks of nonprofits with new benefactors. But all too often this groundswell of emotional response is lost soon thereafter. Could this brief moment of enthusiastic generosity […]

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Tips for Creating Community Awareness for Your Nonprofit


There is no question that nonprofits are full of passion and zeal. They are firmly convinced that there is a problem in society that needs to be corrected, or a service that should be provided for the common good. But what if a smaller nonprofit has difficulty connecting with the community they wish to serve? […]

5 Green Funding Ideas to Aid Your Operating Budget

Can’t find those operating budget funds? You have great grant-funded projects, but you can’t keep the lights on in your administrative building? Operating support can be difficult to attract and then to maintain for your organization, especially when dollars are tight in your main mission field. What you can do, without changing your mission or […]

9 Ways to Use Nonprofit Watchdogs’ Standards to Up Your Game

man with magnifying glass

The nonprofit sector is huge. Did you know the Center for Civil Society Studies at Johns Hopkins University reports that more than 70 million people work and volunteer in the industry? Nonprofits produce more than 1.9 trillion dollars annually and employ the third-largest workforce of all U.S. industries. (More here.) With such a big industry, […]

Go Global: Tips to Link Your Environmental Cause to the Whole Earth

butterfly painted lady

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, there were 27,485 environmental non-profits in the United States in 2013. If you are one of them, what makes your mission and organizational goals stand out from the rest? Even though it’s sometimes a challenge to relate our world to the whole world, more and more, globalization […]

5 Ways to Use Earth Day to Put Your Nonprofit in the Green

If it seems like every other advertisement is adopting a “green” strategy to show product alignment with environmental friendliness, you are not seeing things. Corporations, nonprofits, and even government agencies are hopping on the green bandwagon because it pays off. Studies show that a majority of people value green, and more than 35% will pay […]

4 Steps to Use Reputation Marketing to Boost Fundraising

Local reviews

Reputation marketing has become a buzz phrase in the small business world, as 95% of people now check ratings for small businesses online before choosing a restaurant, dentist, hotel, or other service-based product – more than 50% with regularity. (More on local search and reviews on The result is that businesses are scrambling to […]

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