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Chasing Donors Away? Annoying Tactics Non-Profits Use

With well over a million non-profit organizations registered in America, each competing for their share of the revenue pie, every donor becomes a valuable asset. Yet a surprising number of nonprofits are inadvertently chasing donors away. You would never knowingly risk the allegiance of your donors with an offensive or irritating appeal, or alienate supporters […]

Tips For Tweaking Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Presence

social media icons

Many nonprofit organizations have already signed up for Twitter, Google+ and Facebook accounts, and others are looking at Pinterest and Instagram. Social media is great – if the given platform is actually used and used to its full potential. Perhaps it’s time to scrutinize the platforms you’ve signed up with and make some changes to […]

3 Places to Integrate Marketing in Your Fundraising Plan


You are sold on marketing as necessary to your nonprofit development program, and you are intrigued by the new trends in marketing. You now are perplexed at how to actually integrate marketing into your board-approved fundraising plan! Here are some tips to integrate marketing strategies into what you are already doing under the classic headers […]

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5 Marketing Trends Nonprofits Should Not Ignore

marketing concepts

It can be challenging to wrap your head around all of the buzz words, trends, and jargon attached to the idea of “marketing”. Once you have identified what your marketing budget for your nonprofit will be and what your core audience and service area are, you need to make sense of all of those marketing […]

Marketing Your Non-profit: Why it is Crucial and How to Do It

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There is no excuse for ignoring business marketing principles when it comes to your non-profit. Marketing is critical to sales and is included in every good business plan. While non profits are not trying to make money for products in a capitalist sense, they need to make money for their services to exist. Marketing your […]

Why Donate to Environmental and Animal Charities?


Our world is an ever changing environment, morphing through economic crises, recession, climate change, natural disasters, wars and other human catastrophes and there are countless non-profits that help humans in need. But us humans share this planet with other species who we depend on for many things, which means we have a responsibility to our […]

Giving Tuesday

Thanksgiving begins the holiday season for Americans. It is a time of year when people feel generous and want to share their good fortune with those in need. Once Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are over, enter #GivingTuesday. What is #GivingTuesday? “#GivingTuesday is a campaign to create a national day of giving […]

How a New Non-profit Can Get Funding

Nonprofit organizations in the early stages are full of enthusiasm and ideas but low on cash. Fundraisers such as bake sales and organized marathons will generate contributions, but grants can often provide much larger amounts of needed money. Some nonprofits are a bit intimidated with grants writing and are afraid they’ll be unsuccessful. Failure is […]

From Fundraising to Social Enterprise?

social enterprise

Since it has become increasingly difficult for non-profits to raise the funds they need for their missions through traditional channels, such as fundraisers, grants and philanthropy, many non-profits are considering or have already made the move to include social enterprise into their revenue plan. Social enterprise involves the selling of goods and services just like […]

5 Ways to Use Web Forms for Your NPO

ways to use web forms for NPOs

The following is a guest post sent by Laura Iancu at 123ContactForm: Every nonprofit has its own unique purpose, but they all have one thing in common: they strive to increase efficiency by saving time, energy and money. One tool that can greatly help you increase efficiency is a web form builder. Online web forms […]

39 Ways to use IFTTT to Automate Your Workflow and Social Media for Your Group

Automate – to some folks in the non-profit world this word might as well be a cuss word. But reality is that if you’re running a blog you’re probably already automating at least your email sign-ups: you might have it set up that as soon as a blog post is published, it triggers emails to […]

5 Ways to Optimize Your Fundraising Email Signups

email signup graphic

Have you looked at your email signups lately? If your signup boxes don’t work correctly, you might lose subscribers, or they might not track correctly in your statistics. And if you’re not collecting emails at all your events or through your online accounts, you might also lose out on potential supporters and revenue. Likely there […]

7 Points to Consider Before Promoting Your Cause

Where and how should you be promoting your cause? Are you overwhelmed by third party statistics and infographics? The internet and social media has added a whole new layer of ways to communicate with your supporters, but with it came a whole new layer of things that need updating, writing and monitoring. But as complicated […]

Designing an Effective Landing Page for your Fundraiser

designing landing page

A landing page is the very first page on a website that someone visits or ‘lands’ on, often when clicking on a link in a search engine or display ad. When referring to an organization’s website, these landing pages are different from the standard ‘homepage,’ as they are designed to cater to someone who would […]

Fundraising During The Winter Holidays

winter snowman

The winter holiday season is permeated with feelings of peace on earth and the desire to help others. It is this time of year that people are more willing than ever to share their time and their money to help out a good cause. While the winter holidays is the time of giving, it is […]