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Use a Media Alert to Announce your Event – Template

template for media alert

With all the focus on social media these days, maybe the good old fashioned media alert has become a neglected part of your marketing efforts. Following are a few tips and a media alert template to get you started. It can be a very effective tool however, creating buzz around your fundraising events. It is […]

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How to Build Media Relations For Your Group

Your organization’s email list can only take your message so far. To continue to grow the reach of your organization, you’ll have to get the word out to new people and places and build media relations for your group. Traditional media outlets can be an invaluable friend to non-profit organizations, exposing your cause to thousands […]

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How to Promote Your Fundraising Event

Regardless if you’re holding one or several fundraisers each year, properly promoting each and every event will help you get the most out of your time and money invested in them. Even just a little bit of extra effort can result in much better results. Following some tips to get started with promoting your event: […]

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How to Encourage People to Donate to Your Cause

These days, it’s pretty common to be solicited for donations in front of stores, through email and regular mail. In fact, people are inundated with messages trying to encourage them to give. While many will give readily to causes they already believe in, they will probably be reluctant to donate to causes that are not […]

What Donors Want to Know Before They Give

What donors want to know before they give

A friendly smile, and a few words about your group’s cause may be enough when it comes to selling products at a fair or offering a gift wrapping service around the holidays. But how can you convince donors to give more than just a few dollars? What kind of information should you make readily available […]

Does Your Group Have A Social Media Strategy?

Social media sites are fantastic tools in the fundraising world. You can send messages out to large groups of people at a moment’s notice and you can do so through media outlets that people already check regularly. With the right strategy social media sites and especially social networking sites are incredible tools in the world […]

Connect Online And Traditional Marketing Efforts For Your Fundraiser

When you’re immersed in online and traditional marketing activities for your fundraiser, it’s easy to get caught up in the details. The challenge is to step back and understand the bigger picture when it comes to combining your online and traditional marketing activities in to one strategy that you can be in control of. The […]

Using Swipe Files For Your Fundraising Group

file folder

Anytime you’re starting a new fundraising campaign, using swipe files can be a huge time saver when it comes to creating fundraising letters, printed or e-mail, and other materials, like advertising or website copy. They let you quickly put together campaigns without having to start from scratch each time. They are also extremely useful for […]

Fundraising Through the Holiday Season

The holiday season represents a special opportunity to maximize fundraising events. By thinking creatively and putting a new spin on old methods, you will attract more volunteers, thereby gathering more donations. The idea is to raise awareness, gather volunteers, communicate regularly and specialize in one fundraising activity that your group does well.     Fundraiser […]

Hiring A Fundraising Consultant

fundraising consultant

Fundraising consultants are hired by large and small organizations to help with their campaigns. If you think your organization may benefit from working with a fundraising consultant, there are several things to consider: What Is A Fundraising Consultant? A fundraising consultant is an individual (or firm) whom your organization can contract with to run a […]

Video Volunteers, Mobile Phones And Your Cause

Following are some resources to help you with marketing and promoting your cause and learning more about using social media in your communication efforts. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section! YouTube Video Volunteers Would you like to use YouTube to market your fundraiser, or promote your non-profit, but you need […]

Target Facebook Bullseye Campaign

This is another great example of using social media not only to raise funds, but to also gain attention and in this case to get the community involved when deciding on how funds should be spent. Target has launched the “Bullseye Gives” campaign on its Facebook page which allows people to choose among 10 charities […]

Raise Funds For Yourself?

Maybe you’ve been raising funds for your kids school, cancer research programs, or other good causes for quite some time, but now you find that you need some financial help yourself. Maybe you’ve lost your job or had your hours cut back. Now what? The only thing that can help long term of course is […]

Using Demographics To Target Fundraising Supporters

Demographics – statistics and summations of fundraising populations – can be useful tools for targeting fundraising efforts. Making the most of fundraising demographics entails research and effective utilization of the statistics available. Today’s Fundraising Demographics Fundraising demographics are wide and varied and, like every year, come with some changes and surprises: According to the U.S. […]

Common Fundraising Mistakes

A group’s best efforts can end in failure for some very common and predictable reasons. Some of the most common mistakes in fundraising campaigns include: Insufficient planning: – Be sure to thoroughly identify and then delegate every single task. Everyone should know exactly what they’re expected to do. Set realistic goals and deadlines and put […]