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Should Your Non-Profit Have a Mobile App?

mobile apps

With more people using smartphones and tablets to access the web, you might be wondering if your non-profit should invest in a mobile app. The answer to that depends on what you think the mobile app should accomplish for you. – If you’d like make a specific function available to your visitors that might even […]

Is Your Website Optimized for Mobile Devices?

mobile devices

Maybe optimizing your website for mobile devices isn’t first on your to-do list, but if you want to make the most of your online presence and don’t want to lose potential newsletter subscribers and supporters, it’s necessary to make sure your mobile visitors can easily access your site with ‘responsive’ web design. Maybe you have […]

39 Ways to use IFTTT to Automate Your Workflow and Social Media for Your Group

Automate – to some folks in the non-profit world this word might as well be a cuss word. But reality is that if you’re running a blog you’re probably already automating at least your email sign-ups: you might have it set up that as soon as a blog post is published, it triggers emails to […]

5 Ways to Optimize Your Fundraising Email Signups

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Have you looked at your email signups lately? If your signup boxes don’t work correctly, you might lose subscribers, or they might not track correctly in your statistics. And if you’re not collecting emails at all your events or through your online accounts, you might also lose out on potential supporters and revenue. Likely there […]

7 Points to Consider Before Promoting Your Cause

Where and how should you be promoting your cause? Are you overwhelmed by third party statistics and infographics? The internet and social media has added a whole new layer of ways to communicate with your supporters, but with it came a whole new layer of things that need updating, writing and monitoring. But as complicated […]

15 Most Popular Online Fundraising Sites

go fund me

Even if your group has a website – what if a PayPal Donation button isn’t enough and you still need help with marketing, email services and tracking your donations? Consider trying on of the dozens of online fundraising sites available; we’ve combed the web for you and have come up with a list of the […]

Designing an Effective Landing Page for your Fundraiser

designing landing page

A landing page is the very first page on a website that someone visits or ‘lands’ on, often when clicking on a link in a search engine or display ad. When referring to an organization’s website, these landing pages are different from the standard ‘homepage,’ as they are designed to cater to someone who would […]

New Options for Mobile Donations

text sms donation

You can already collect mobile donations via an SMS text donation campaign through companies like mGive or MobileCause. However, these services are relatively expensive and aren’t suitable for smaller fundraising campaigns, or drives that need to be organized and executed quickly. It’s also hard to collect donor data and impossible to enable recurring gifts. If […]

Raise Funds in your Neighborhood with Groupon Grassroots

g-team logo

The founders of, the popular coupon website just can’t help themselves: they’ve morphed Groupon out of their then not so popular fundraising site and have now found a way to get back to their fundraising roots and put the two together as Groupon Grassroots.” (Formerly called the G-Team.) Groupon Grassroots is a new […]

Accept Online Donations

get your website

With the internet being as popular as ever and continuing to grow, it makes sense to use it not just for conveying your message and creating awareness for your cause, but to also solicit and accept online donations. Accepting donations online is an excellent way to convert interest in your group from online visitors and […]

Our Fundraising Mobile App is Live!

Note: our mobile app is not available anymore. A while back we have written about creating a free app with After getting some basic graphics done, deciding what content should be available through the app, getting advice from a programmer, taking a break, an overall pretty steep learning curve and some waiting for approval, […]

Google For Non-Profits, Mobile App, and Other Updates

Following a few updates and news we thought you might like to know about, including Google’s enhanced products suite for non-profits, an update on our first mobile app and our new Facebook page: Google’s updated non-profit suite of products Google has re-launched a suite of products and services tailored to the needs of non-profits. If […]

Mobile App On A Small Budget

Yes, we’re doing it! Since we’ll be writing more about mobile apps, we’ve decided it’s best to actually have one made ourselves. More and more businesses and non-profits are creating mobile apps and making them available for free or a low price. If you’re part of a non-profit or other charitable group you can use […]

Are You Considering a Mobile App for Your Non-profit?

Will online fundraising move from desktop PCs to mobile? Will fundraising itself move from selling candy to selling digital products? Maybe even mobile apps? The world of fundraising has been changing drastically with donations declining and groups looking for new ways to raise funds. With more and more of us using smart phones it makes […]

Does Your Group Have A Social Media Strategy?

Social media sites are fantastic tools in the fundraising world. You can send messages out to large groups of people at a moment’s notice and you can do so through media outlets that people already check regularly. With the right strategy social media sites and especially social networking sites are incredible tools in the world […]