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Fundraising Website Checkup

It’s a good idea to tweak and improve, or set up your fundraising website now, before the major fundraising activities start in the Fall. We have several articles on raising funds online on this topic, but would like to also point out the results of the donorCentrics™ Internet Giving Benchmarking Analysis. According to this analysis […]

“Tweet To Beat” Social Media Fundraising Experiment

“Tweet to Beat” is a social media fundraiser that uses Twitter to spread the word and also to publicly track the amount that will be donated. This fundraiser will benefit U.S. public school students by donating proceeds to Here is how it works: Tim Ferris of The 4-hour Workweek will donate $1 for each […]

Fundraiser Tax Info On Multistate Tax Commission’s Website

Managing state sales and use taxes during fundraisers can be one of the most confusing aspects of running a fundraising campaign. Most volunteers do not have a lot of experience dealing with the various state sales taxes for fundraisers, and are unsure where help is available. To make matters even more confusing, there is no […]

Automate Your Fundraiser With An Online Magazine Fundraising Campaign

Magazine fundraisers are popular because they provide a product that people are already buying. Online magazine fundraisers take it a step further, presenting some great benefits. The appeal of online magazine fundraisers There are some excellent advantages of running magazine fundraisers online: There are no door to door sales involved. The potential outreach is vast. […]

Raise Funds On is a social media website, that – even though it’s still in its beta testing phase – has already attracted thousands of visitors. In a nutshell: this site uses advertising dollars to donate to causes on their site. Users sign up for a free account, select their favorite cause to support, then select a […] Uses Twitter To Reach Fundraising Goal In Just 48 Hours

To keep you up-to-date on creative and innovative fundraising ideas, we will occasionally inform you about how others raise funds for their groups and how you can apply their fundraising strategies to your own fundraiser: created the website specifically for their fundraising campaign to fund building a classroom for a school in Tanzania. […]

In The News: Record Profits, Mobile Donations – Using SMS To Raise Funds, New Online Fundraising Service

cMarket Network posts record profits through its online auctions: cMarket Network, an online auction fundraising service for nonprofit organizations, announced in a press release that they had surpassed $50 million raised for charitable causes through its online auctions, which included a $10 million increase in just six months. They attribute this recent growth in record […]

Book Aid International Uses eBay Live Auction To Raise Funds

To keep you up-to-date on creative and innovative fundraising ideas, we will occasionally inform you about how others raise funds for their groups and how you can apply their fundraising strategies to your own fundraiser: This fundraiser is for Book Aid International and uses eBay to auction off books. The books were picked (and autographed) […]

Raise Funds Online – With Or Without Your Own Website! Part 2

If your group already has a website, click over to part 1. (Tip: Raising funds online may present new legal considerations for your group. It may be best to consult your legal adviser before raising funds online.)     2. IF YOUR GROUP DOESN’T HAVE A WEBSITE – If you’d like to have a website: […]

Raise Funds Online – With Or Without Your Own Website! Part 1

raise funds online part 2

Whether your group has a website or not, there are several different ways to fundraise online. Keep reading, if your group already has a website, or read Part 2 if your group doesn’t have a website. If you’re looking for an online fundraising service that lets you create your own fundraising campaign and page, click […]

Tips For Running A Successful Online Magazine Fundraiser

Online magazine fundraisers boast a number of advantages; online magazine fundraisers are inexpensive, easy, profitable, and ongoing, bringing in significant profits both at first launch and for many months beyond. They also have the advantage of being boundless – your group can inexpensively and easily outreach to people anywhere in the country, and benefit from […]

Tweak Your Group’s Website To Attract More Supporters

You’ve spent a lot of time, energy and money on getting your fundraising or charity website set up so that it will be appealing and interesting to your audience. But all of that work is useless if your audience can’t find your site. In the seemingly infinite number of sites out there to choose from, […]

Moving Fundraising Efforts Online

All of us have memories of raising funds for one item or another. Perhaps it was cookies for Girl Scouts, or wrapping paper around the holidays to help fund the school’s arts program. Whatever those memories might be, the programs that we once participated in are fast becoming mere memories themselves. This is because fundraisers […]

Create A Website for Your Group or Nonprofit

get your own website

Would you like to expand your fundraising options and take your fundraising efforts online? You don’t need a website to raise funds online, but if you’re planning on raising funds for a longer period of time and have more than just a one-time campaign, you should have your own website. Following are some tips on […]

The Basics Of Running An Online Auction Fundraiser

online fundraising auctions

There is some work involved in organizing and maintaining a successful online auction fundraiser, but once your group has the basics down, you’ll find that online auction fundraisers virtually run themselves, and are easily repeated. How to get started with an online auction fundraiser The basic things your group will need to host a fee-based […]