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Register Your Charity to Fundraise in 7 Easy Steps!

register charity to fundraise

Did you know that forty states require you to register your charity – before you even start to fundraise? And only three states let you fundraise freely without any requirements. Nearly all have different forms, penalties, and fees as well. State-by-state registration is so seemingly complicated that thousands of charities pay for-profit legal firms annually […]

Planned Giving – How Even the Smallest Nonprofits Can Use It

The legal and tax components of planned gifts often seem so complicated that small nonprofits rule them out as a funding strategy. But ignoring planned giving could equate to ignoring new opportunities for major donors! Plus resources and support services to demystify planned giving make it much simpler for even the smallest of nonprofits to […]

Keep Donors Giving! 7 Steps for Building a Donor Cultivation Strategy

donor cultivation strategy

“Cultivation” is development jargon for maintaining the relationships with your donors necessary to convince them to maintain and potentially increase their giving to your organization. Think of your donor pool like the plants in your garden – each variety needs different amounts of water, fertilizer, nutrients, space, sun, and pruning. Your donors are individuals that […]

9 Reasons Why Fundraising is Important for Your Nonprofit

Nonprofits too often look at fundraising only as a means to making money to accomplish their agendas and pay their staff, so much so that they neglect to integrate fundraising into their plan as a whole. Nonprofits that do incorporate fundraising and development into their organizational strategy are the ones that end up being successful, […]

Giving to Nonprofit Hospitals: Is it Really Charity?

Philanthropists give billions to nonprofit hospitals each year – recently Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg made headlines for a record $75 million gift to the San Francisco General Hospital, for example. In a tight race for philanthropy dollars for nonprofits across the nation, is it fair that hospitals, which operate more like businesses, are considered charities? (Source: […]

What Nonprofits Need to Know about Donations to Political Campaigns

For the 2016 presidential election, more than $6 billion will be donated to political campaigns according to The Wire – and generally the side that raises the most money wins. Where does that money come from and where exactly does it go, however? Political donation law limits the amount of money that one individual or […]

18 Fundraising Resources for Environmental Nonprofits

Whether you are looking for new prospects, or some fresh fundraising ideas for Earth Day, you need a crash course in proposal writing, or you have no idea how to get started about development planning, these fundraising resources are a must for any conservation, environmental education, or green activist group!     Grants These sites […]

Your Favorite Sports Are Charities? The Truth of the 501(c)(6) Tax Loophole

The NFL is a multi-billion dollar industry – but did you know that it is classified as a charity? The recent economic downturn made the public, and in turn Congress, nationally challenge the NFL and other professional sports associations – namely the NCAA, the NHL, the PGA, and the US Tennis Association – for making […]

8 Essentials for Your Organization’s Case Statement

Are your fundraising efforts standing on the firm foundation of an outstanding case statement? Of all the documents an organization uses to aid fundraising, the case statement is one of the most important. The case statement (or case for support) is used by a nonprofit as a basis for all communication and solicitations with donors. […]

4 Business Practices Every Nonprofit Should Use

red toolbox

You head up a relatively young nonprofit doing good and necessary work, an important asset to the community that you want to grow into something truly significant.  The question is, how do you and your small team of paid staff and volunteers tackle the issues holding the charity back? The following four classic business practices […]

24 Ways to Prep your Nonprofit Board to Fundraise

The most successful nonprofits, no matter their size or mission, have strong fundraising boards. It is the job of the nonprofit development professional or executive director to craft board members into champions, and here is a checklist to inspire you to do so! Define the board member role as a fundraising job First board members need to […]

5 Must-Read Books for Fundraisers

Need some reading material for the holidays? A gift for that special fundraiser in your family? Take a look at these top picks available in print or for instant download. But how do you pick among the hundreds, if not thousands, of good fundraising books that have been published to help you develop the resources […]

Nonprofit Fundraising: Events vs. Great Events

Your last bake sale was an outrageous success and the car wash did even better, but does that mean that it’s time to introduce a yearly dinner gala to your fundraising calendar? Unless your organization is flush with time, money and resources with staff to spare, you might be feeling a tad overwhelmed. If you’ve […]

What Went Wrong? 9 Reasons a Fundraising Appeal Fails

Nonprofit professionals often don’t have the time to indulge in anything but the most basic study of marketing dynamics. Yet, fine-tuning the details of a nonprofits’ mission for maximum impact with donors is a never-ending learning curve. There’s a tendency to gauge this impact by the success of our campaigns and fundraising appeals but what […]

Want Rockstar Results? 6 Key Elements In A Nonprofit Plan

planning the who, what when where why and how

Don’t let all this talk about nonprofit plans, strategic plans, fundraising plans, marketing plans or annual plans get you rattled. Whenever your nonprofit year begins – be it January or June – it’s never too late to put nonprofit planning on the agenda. Even if your organization only comprises yourself, your mother, the green grocer […]