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Raising Funds and Raising Spirits: Keep Your Group Motivated

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The goal of this article is to motivate you to think about motivation. The most brilliant Fundraising ideas can produce disappointing results if people are not motivated to implement them. There will be no plan of action in what follows, but rather our thoughts intended to provoke your thoughts. To motivate is to stimulate an […]

Mid-Year Review: How is this Year Shaping Up for Your Nonprofit Goals?

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There’s no time like mid-year to evaluate your nonprofit’s performance. Now’s the time to measure how planning and strategizing have paid off and more significantly, what’s working and what needs to be tweaked. No matter whether your fiscal year ends in December or June, at some point, you’ll reach mid-year for your nonprofit and an […]

10 Mistakes Nonprofit Professionals Make

Doesn’t the nonprofit sector attract the idealistic, self-sacrificing individuals amongst us? And wouldn’t that mean that mistakes are factors that just don’t happen? You have a passion to make a difference, there’s so much good you want to accomplish. But the charity sector has unique drawbacks and non-profit professionals make mistakes too. This happens often […]

5 Green Funding Ideas to Aid Your Operating Budget

Can’t find those operating budget funds? You have great grant-funded projects, but you can’t keep the lights on in your administrative building? Operating support can be difficult to attract and then to maintain for your organization, especially when dollars are tight in your main mission field. What you can do, without changing your mission or […]

9 Ways to Use Nonprofit Watchdogs’ Standards to Up Your Game

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The nonprofit sector is huge. Did you know the Center for Civil Society Studies at Johns Hopkins University reports that more than 70 million people work and volunteer in the industry? Nonprofits produce more than 1.9 trillion dollars annually and employ the third-largest workforce of all U.S. industries. (More here.) With such a big industry, […]

Seven Criteria to Consider when Selecting Fundraising Software

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If your nonprofit or community organization is hosting a fundraising event, one of your first decisions will be deciding how to manage your fundraising campaign. With the many online fundraising software options available today, there is no reason for your organization to struggle with the paperwork and tedious management processes used in the past. With […]

Don’t Stop: On-Going Data Collection for Nonprofit Grants Proposals

Nonprofit organizations must always be on the lookout for funding possibilities. Whether these are foundation grants, community awards, or gifts from various corporations, the charity has to be in a position to request sizable donations. The reason is very simple: these types of awards are much larger than could be obtained from bake sales and […]

Marketing Your Non-profit: Why it is Crucial and How to Do It

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There is no excuse for ignoring business marketing principles when it comes to your non-profit. Marketing is critical to sales and is included in every good business plan. While non profits are not trying to make money for products in a capitalist sense, they need to make money for their services to exist. Marketing your […]

3 Steps to Help your Organization Better Serve Community Need

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Today more and more nonprofits and organizations are competing for less and less dollars of foundation and government grant support. While nonprofits need to stay true to their mission and vision, they also, to win those precious dollars, need to frame themselves within the context of what their community needs. Non-profits need to market themselves […]

The 990 Form for Tax Exempt Organization

Form 990

Everyone is gearing up for fundraising and other activities in January. There is a lot on everyone’s plate, and budgets have to be prepared for board approval. Depending on your fiscal year you may also have to complete the IRS 990 Form. It is a tax filing that every nonprofit organization has to complete annually. […]

New Year Planning: Checklist for Non-Profits

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January is here, and you can finally breathe after the end of year rush. Too often however, non profits push off planning only to find themselves disorganized and fumbling three months later when spring arrives and fundraising goals are not being met. It is important to take a bit of time to rest, but it […]

Old Year Clean Up: Checklist for Non-Profits

Fundraising checklist: old year cleanup

The New Year is here and you and your fundraising team are ready to get back to work. But did you finish all of your paperwork, decompress with your staff, take out all of your old year’s trash so you can start the New Year clean with fresh fundraising ideas and initiatives? Use this fundraising […]

Get Ready for Grant Submission Season

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The last few weeks of the year are a good time to take stock of things and at the same time look ahead to the coming year. Nonprofit organizations rely to some degree on the ability to secure grants in a usually very competitive market. The better prepared the organization is for the active grant […]

From Fundraising to Social Enterprise?

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Since it has become increasingly difficult for non-profits to raise the funds they need for their missions through traditional channels, such as fundraisers, grants and philanthropy, many non-profits are considering or have already made the move to include social enterprise into their revenue plan. Social enterprise involves the selling of goods and services just like […]

5 Ways to Use Web Forms for Your NPO

ways to use web forms for NPOs

The following is a guest post sent by Laura Iancu at 123ContactForm: Every nonprofit has its own unique purpose, but they all have one thing in common: they strive to increase efficiency by saving time, energy and money. One tool that can greatly help you increase efficiency is a web form builder. Online web forms […]