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What Went Wrong? 9 Reasons a Fundraising Appeal Fails

Nonprofit professionals often don’t have the time to indulge in anything but the most basic study of marketing dynamics. Yet, fine-tuning the details of a nonprofits’ mission for maximum impact with donors is a never-ending learning curve. There’s a tendency to gauge this impact by the success of our campaigns and fundraising appeals but what […]

10 Mistakes Nonprofit Professionals Make

Doesn’t the nonprofit sector attract the idealistic, self-sacrificing individuals amongst us? And wouldn’t that mean that mistakes are factors that just don’t happen? You have a passion to make a difference, there’s so much good you want to accomplish. But the charity sector has unique drawbacks and non-profit professionals make mistakes too. This happens often […]

Fundraising during a Recession

“Tough economic times.” “Recession.” “Depression.” Words that are sure to concern any fundraiser’s heart. But fear not! Here are some tips to help you get donations that work during any economic climate, but will be especially useful during a recession. 1. Look at a donation in terms of how it will benefit the donor This […]

What Donors Want to Know Before They Give

A friendly smile, and a few words about your group’s cause may be enough when it comes to selling products at a fair or offering a gift wrapping service around the holidays. But how can you convince donors to give more than just a few dollars? What kind of information should you make readily available […]

Fundraiser Didn’t Yield Enough Income?

Having a fundraiser that is less than successful can really bring you and your group down. You’ve all put a lot of time and effort into your project to see it succeed. When your fundraiser doesn’t yield enough income, it can be very tempting to wallow in self-pity and just give up, but we all […]

Is It Time For A Fundraising Change?

It’s easy for groups to get stuck in a fundraising rut, especially when a fundraiser has consistently proven successful. There is danger in running the same fundraiser over and over, or in never making changes within the organization to improve their fundraising strategies. Over time, the ‘same old same old same old’ breeds stagnation, disorganization, […]

Hiring A Fundraising Consultant

Fundraising consultants are hired by large and small organizations to help with their campaigns. If you think your organization may benefit from working with a fundraising consultant, there are several things to consider: What Is A Fundraising Consultant? A fundraising consultant is an individual (or company) whom your organization can contract with to run the […]

Fundraising Website Checkup

It’s a good idea to tweak and improve, or set up your fundraising website now, before the major fundraising activities start in the Fall. We have several articles on raising funds online on this topic, but would like to also point out the results of the donorCentrics™ Internet Giving Benchmarking Analysis. According to this analysis […]

Saving Money During Tough Times

If your charitable organization is like many, contributions are lagging during this tough economic period. During times like these, it’s important to find ways to cut costs so that your organization can continue to provide its basic services on a smaller budget. Following are some ideas to help you save money. Trim budgets Take a […]

Tips For Dealing With Problems Within Your Volunteer Fundraising Group

Unfortunately, problems among fundraising volunteers are common and can really dampen the spirits of everyone involved. Maybe you’ve seen it happen before: your group has started a new fundraising campaign and everyone is excited. Everything is going well, until, seemingly out of nowhere, volunteers start to argue, or even quit. What happened? More often than […]