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Why Fundraising Is Important

It seems obvious why fundraising is important: to raise funds for needed items, services and programs. Yet, raising funds has so many other benefits besides the obvious. Often, budgets get cut, or less than ideal family situations mean that children have to go without things or activities that their classmates receive, and later life opportunities […]

Finding Volunteers: 16 Strategies You Need to Know Now

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If you still need volunteers for your holiday and end-of-year events, or you simply need some fresh ideas for your ongoing volunteer search and recruitment, read on for 16 ways to find and recruit volunteers now! 1. Make volunteers part of your strategic plan According to industry experts, strategic planning is a critical key to […]

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Volunteers – Unpaid but Priceless

There is no doubt that without a volunteer force, local, nationwide and worldwide charitable groups wouldn’t be able to do most of their good work. Volunteers are priceless and it would be hard to imagine a world without them! If you’re running a fundraiser, or leading a group of volunteers, what can you do to […]

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Is It Time For A Fundraising Change?

It’s easy for groups to get stuck in a fundraising rut, especially when a fundraiser has consistently proven successful. There is danger in running the same fundraiser over and over, or in never making changes within the organization to improve their fundraising strategies. Over time, the ‘same old same old same old’ breeds stagnation, disorganization, […]

Tapping Community Volunteer Resources

Small fundraising organizations often suffer from a lack of available volunteer resources; even large organizations have difficulty finding enough volunteers at times. A lack of volunteers can severely limit the scope of fundraising efforts, and in turn the amount of funds raised. The good news is that small and volunteer-poor organizations have a larger well […]

Planning Your Next Fundraising Meeting

Fundraising meetings can be productive, inspiring affairs or they can be colossal wastes of time. Anyone who has been to or even held any type of meeting knows that meetings can go either way. The goal is to make your next fundraising meeting as productive as possible. (More info about planning and taxes.) How To […]

Hiring A Fundraising Consultant

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Fundraising consultants are hired by large and small organizations to help with their campaigns. If you think your organization may benefit from working with a fundraising consultant, there are several things to consider: What Is A Fundraising Consultant? A fundraising consultant is an individual (or firm) whom your organization can contract with to run a […]

Wanted – Volunteers: Recruiting Volunteers For Your Fundraiser

For obvious reasons, volunteers are essential to the success and profitability of any fundraising campaign. But finding willing and able volunteers can be a tricky thing; sure, every parent or member of your group should want to see your organization succeed and meet its fundraising goals, but people are busy and good volunteers are often […]

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A Reason To Sell – Incentive Ideas For Fundraising Projects

In a perfect world, all benefactors of your fundraising campaign would step up every time to do their part in your fundraising campaign. But ours not being a perfect world, that’s probably not going to happen. To make the most of your fundraiser, it often pays to give your volunteers extra reasons to sign up […]

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Tips For Dealing With Problems Within Your Volunteer Fundraising Group

Unfortunately, problems among fundraising volunteers are common and can really dampen the spirits of everyone involved. Maybe you’ve seen it happen before: your group has started a new fundraising campaign and everyone is excited. Everything is going well, until, seemingly out of nowhere, volunteers start to argue, or even quit. What happened? More often than […]

Drafting Volunteer Job Descriptions

Job descriptions for volunteers are recommended by many fundraising consultants and industry experts as an aid to volunteers, an organizational tool, and a preventative for volunteer burnout. Volunteer job descriptions let people know exactly what is required of them if they sign up for a specific fundraising job, so volunteers can plan accordingly and only […]

Help! Everyone In This Fundraiser Disagrees!

Ask 20 people for an idea on a fundraiser and guess what you are going to get?  Probably 20 different ideas!  That can make it tough to reach a starting point for your fundraiser. Even if you are the leader of a fundraising project, you have to defer to the opinions of others.  In many […]

Structure And Motivation – Fundraising Rewards Programs

Rewards programs and incentives are the most commonly used forms of fundraiser motivation – because they work! Take the time before your fundraiser kicks off to structure a great rewards program, and you’ll have volunteers clamoring to get in on the action! What’s In It For Me? It’s a refrain that’s repeated endlessly in marketing: […]

Your Work At Home Experience Can Boost Your Child’s Fundraiser

From the outside, fundraisers seem fairly simple and straightforward; but there is an awful lot of work involved in running even the simplest fundraisers. No doubt your child’s fundraiser could use the sorts of skills you practice in your work as a work at home parent everyday. How Can You Help Your Child’s Fundraiser? There’s […]

The Advantages Of Being A Fundraising Volunteer When You Work From Home

Working as a fundraising volunteer can be professionally beneficial in many ways to work at home parents. By offering your services you can gain confidence and visibility, drawing attention to your services and skills. But you can also benefit personally in a number of ways by being a fundraising volunteer. Serving as a fundraising volunteer […]