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Motivating Volunteers & Donors: Get The Word Out And Increase Profits

The key to successful fundraisers is obvious—get your volunteers to sell more, and get donors to spend more. Obvious, sure, but easier said than done. So what can your group do to make the most of your fundraising efforts and increase fundraiser profits? Get The Word Out Many excellent fundraisers fail for one simple reason—nobody […]

Motivating Volunteers & Donors: Show What You’re About

General fundraising information like brochures and order-takers tell volunteers that there is a fundraiser ongoing, and shows donors what they can buy or give. But order takers and product catalogs do little to motivate volunteers to participate and sell or donors to buy. Sometimes, volunteers and donors need you to take it a step further […]

Dealing With Problems: This Fundraiser Is Just Too Stressful!

It is extremely unlikely that you will ever hear a person complain that they don’t have enough stress in their life. Everyone has stress and too much of it! So who needs to volunteer for a fundraising project that piles on more stress? No one does. Unfortunately, some small amount of stress may be part […]

Recognizing Fundraising Volunteers

Donor recognition is an important part of the fundraising campaign, and recognition of volunteers should be equally high on the list. It is true that no fundraiser can be successful without supportive donors, but it is just as true that no fundraiser can succeed without volunteers. Without volunteers, there is no fundraiser. Volunteers deserve the […]

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