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When Did You Last Tell Your Donors that You Love Them?

Is donor attrition the dirty secret in your nonprofit world? Why do some nonprofits retain their loyal donors, building lifelong, mutually rewarding relationships, while others never get further than the first gift? Unfortunately, some nonprofits have a tendency to view their supporters as a collective whole; the donors – a vast, faceless, pool of potential […]

Sample Letter: Adapting your Proposal Cover Letter for Email

fundraising nonprofit e-cover letter sample

More and more, funders – including government agencies, corporations, foundations, and individuals – are asking non profits to save the paper and email their proposals or submit them online. They can then take highlights out of your pitch, if they review it, to present to their board, or only electronically distribute the best asks. If […]

Learn from Grant Writers’ Hindsight

dollar bills

Grants writing can be a discipline, a skill, or an art form. It all depends on whom it is you are talking to. Learning how to write a grant sometimes is the consequence of on-the-job experience and grant writers will often admit to superior hindsight. They won’t hesitate to talk about those things which, had […]

Sample Proposal Letter: How to Write an Environmental Proposal Pitch that Appeals to Funders

fundraising nonprofit sample proposal letter for environmental cause

“Green” is in, and more and more funders are giving to environmental causes, but donations to environmental nonprofits and projects still only constitute around 7% of US philanthropy (Giving USA).  While funders see environment as a worthy giving sector, it is hard to compete with cancer, children starving, religion, or education. If you are an […]

Chasing Donors Away? Annoying Tactics Non-Profits Use

With well over a million non-profit organizations registered in America, each competing for their share of the revenue pie, every donor becomes a valuable asset. Yet a surprising number of nonprofits are inadvertently chasing donors away. You would never knowingly risk the allegiance of your donors with an offensive or irritating appeal, or alienate supporters […]

Sample Donation Request Letter – Storm Victims

sample donation request letter for storm victims

Following is a sample donation request letter that could be sent from a charitable organization or other group to their community and neighboring unaffected communities. Feel free to copy it and modify it for your fundraising needs. For any other use, please contact us. (More fundraising letters and templates…)       Dear _____, It […]

How to Prepare When Asking for Donations and Support

be prepared sign

When tasked with obtaining sponsorship money or in-kind donations, simple prior preparation will make the entire process easier. Before asking anyone for anything, ask yourself these basic questions: What is our goal? Does my group need monetary sponsorship or in-kind donations, or both? There are two main types of support, monetary (a company or person […]

Thank You For Donation Letter – To a Company

sample fundraising letter thank you to company

Following is a sample ‘thank you’ for donation letter to be sent to a company. Feel free to customize this thank you for donations letter with your group’s specific information as needed. (More fundraising letters.)       Dear ______ Thank you. You may remember our request for a donation for our school science fair. […]

How To Ask For Donations From A Large Company

Large companies support charities on a large scale, providing financial support through fundraising events and donations, in addition to providing publicity of their sponsored non-profits among their employees. But even large companies may have to lower their cash donations during tough economic times and will often resort to making up at least some of the […]

How to Encourage People to Donate to Your Cause

These days, it’s pretty common to be solicited for donations in front of stores, through email and regular mail. In fact, people are inundated with messages trying to encourage them to give. While many will give readily to causes they already believe in, they will probably be reluctant to donate to causes that are not […]

How to Write A Donation Request Letter For An After School Program

How to write a donation request letter for after school program

An important consideration for a donation request letter to members of your community for an after school program is to keep its audience in mind: Not everyone who receives your letter has children and not everyone who receives your letters is going to understand the need for after school programs. Whether your program is teaching […]

What Donors Want to Know Before They Give

What donors want to know before they give

A friendly smile, and a few words about your group’s cause may be enough when it comes to selling products at a fair or offering a gift wrapping service around the holidays. But how can you convince donors to give more than just a few dollars? What kind of information should you make readily available […]

End Of Year Fundraising Appeal

Waiting till the end of the year to send your end of year fundraising appeal isn’t always procrastination – it can actually help you raise more money! That is due to the fact that about half of all donations and about 40% of online donations come in at year end. Why? Many individuals and companies […]

How To Write A Donation Request Letter For Youth Arts And Sports Programs

Writing a donation request letter for youth arts and sports programs can be a tricky endeavor: Other causes that benefit kids and also schools often send out request letters as well, so your potential donors have probably seen requests just like yours many times before. So how do you get them to sit up, take […]

A Sample Donation Request Letter To Current Supporter

donation request to current supporter

Below is an example of a typical donation request letter from an organization to a current supporter (rather than a solicitation for new supporters). Feel free to copy it and modify it for your fundraising needs. For any other use, please contact us. (More fundraising letters and templates…)       Dear Mr.___, First of […]