CD Fundraiser

CD fundraisers can raise significant money while providing supporters with an entertaining, valuable and useful product.

CD fundraisers are not strictly limited to Music CD’s; DVD movies and computer software programs are available as well. By fundraising with a company who is contracted with major production studios, the offerings available to buyers through a CD fundraiser can be very inviting. Top recording artists and A-list Hollywood movies drive interest and sales. Buyers get top-quality entertainment CD’s and videos for competitive prices while supporting their favorite groups at the same time.

In addition to production CD’s, DVD’s, and computer software, some CD fundraising companies also offer the ability to fundraise by selling custom recorded and edited videos of special school or group events, such as prom videos, homecoming, class/group trips, graduations, ‘year-in-review’, recital, concerts and performances. Custom video productions can be a great way to provide memories for a lifetime and raise funds.

Running A CD Fundraiser

CD and DVD fundraisers are normally run as catalog sales. The fundraising supply company will provide catalogs of your choice with a wide selection of music CD’s, DVD movies, computer software, or a combination all three. Sellers can then present the catalogs to potential supporters, collect payment and orders, and turn them in at the close of the fundraiser.

Once all funds and orders are collected, the order is collated and placed with the supply company. Upon delivery, the order is sorted and distributed.

An alternative to collecting orders for individual CD’s and DVD’s is to sell CD/DVD gift cards redeemable through the company for any title of the customer’s choice. Profits are similar to product sales and distribution, but the fundraising group is saved the hassle of order placing, sorting, and delivering the CD’s and DVD’s.

There are many CD fundraising companies who offer online ordering capabilities in addition to catalog sales. Online ordering may consist of asking supporters to visit the parent site of the company, place an order, and designate the proceeds of the order to go to the organization of their choice. Some CD fundraising companies will go as far as to set up a page devoted exclusively to the sponsoring group; demonstration pages are usually available through these companies as examples of what a group’s page can look like.

Profiting With CD Fundraisers

Profits from CD and DVD fundraisers are significant. Many companies boast a profit margin of 50% to the fundraising organization per CD and DVD sale. Some boast profits as high as $10 per unit. One question to ask, however, is whether there is a minimum number of units that must be sold in order to reach the best profit tier.

All in all, CD and DVD fundraisers are successful because they provide a product with high customer interest, competitively priced for the consumer. Profits of $5 to $10 per unit translate into sales that add up quickly for the group without selling unwieldy amounts of merchandise.


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  1. Posted by janet watson 20th January, 2012 at 4:34 pm

    I am the fundraiser organizer for my church. My pastor records his sermons every sunday. how can we market them to make a profit. any input will be helpful.



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