Fundraising Idea: Christmas Greenery Fundraiser

Christmas greenery products are an excellent way to make money for your needy organization.  Christmas greenery is easy to sell and is well-received by customers.  A Christmas greenery sale has all the makings of a highly successful seasonal fundraiser. In order to include and address everyone in your fundraiser, be sure to offer items representative of other religions as well.

Christmas Greenery Fundraiser Options

Christmas greenery fundraisers usually refer to the sale of Christmas green decorating products, such as Christmas wreaths, evergreen Christmas swags and Christmas roping.  A Christmas greenery sale can also include the sale of Christmas trees, but might be more difficult to manage because of the size of the trees.


Groups interested in holding a Christmas greenery fundraiser have a few basic options:

•    Cash and carry Christmas greenery sales
For an on-hand sale, your group will need to purchase Christmas greenery products upfront (from a local supplier is best), and then hold a sale at a designated location.  There is more up-front cost involved, but the right timing and location can net some very good profits, and there is no worrying over delivery and distribution at a later date.  A cash and carry Christmas greenery sale can be managed on short notice as long as you can locate a good local supplier.

•    Craft and sell Christmas greenery sales
As an alternative, your group could make their own Christmas greenery for cash and carry sales.  This works well for scouts, middle and high school groups, and other clubs with many hands that can devote meeting time to crafting hand-made products.  Christmas greens are relatively easy to make as long as you can locate one or two good instructors that will supervise and teach others to assemble the products. The cost of materials is usually very low, which means there is a good profit potential for Christmas greenery sales.

• Christmas greenery brochure sales
Christmas greenery brochure fundraisers are run like any other type of catalog or brochure sale. You will need to choose a fundraising company offering Christmas greenery sales, obtain the needed sales materials, and take orders for Christmas greens. A Christmas greenery brochure sale is probably the most cost-effective way to hold this type of fundraiser, as you will not need to front the cash to purchase products before they are sold.

The Value-Added Service

Your Christmas greenery fundraiser does not have to be limited to the sale of the actual wreath or green product; you can also offer decorating and accessorizing, perhaps even hanging.  Charge accordingly for each additional service, and boost your profits even more. Value-added services are easiest for cash and carry sales. Be sure to offer products in various price ranges.

A Christmas greenery sale can be a great way to fundraise.  Christmas greens are products that many people seek out every year, which gives this fundraiser the benefit of being repeatable.  Even better, a Christmas greenery fundraiser raises everybody’s Christmas spirits, and spreads good cheer as you fundraise!

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  1. Posted by Julie 30th November, 2008 at 1:35 am

    A company with a great fundraising program for greens is Grandma D’s/Wreaths Direct. They discourage door-to-door selling and have a very high return. More info:

  2. Posted by 30th November, 2008 at 1:56 pm

    Thanks for the tip Julie!

  3. Posted by There Is Still Time For A Quick Holiday Fundraiser | Fundraiser Ideas and Events 18th November, 2010 at 11:43 am

    […] Ideas For Holiday Fundraisers for some simple holiday fundraising ideas; or Greenery Christmas Fundraiser for ideas on how to make money selling Christmas green decorating products, such as wreaths, […]

  4. Posted by KayEhm 22nd September, 2015 at 1:18 pm

    Selling Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, etc. is both profitable as well as seasonal, it gets everyone into the holiday spirit while generating a lot of revenue for the next year. Check out the Christmas fundraising opportunities at

  5. Posted by Erik 10th November, 2015 at 8:47 am

    We help lots of groups in Oregon and beyond fundraiser with our Christmas Wreath Fundraisers. We often recommend pre selling the wreaths so there is no financial risk for your group. Good luck!



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