Valentine’s Day Flower Fundraiser

Everyone knows that flowers and chocolate are the staples of Valentine’s Day. As a ‘no calorie’ fundraiser, a Valentine’s Day Flower Sale is a great way to capitalize on the expectations of the day!

What Is A Valentine’s Day Flower Sale?

In essence, a Valentine’s Day Flower Sale is a pre-order flower sale. Your group

• Advertises the flower sale
• Collects orders ahead of time
• Delivers flowers to recipients on Valentine’s Day

Small Flower Bouquet For Fundraising

How To Run A Valentine’s Day Flower Sale

You will need to partner with a local florist, or wholesaler who will deal in bulk orders, and/or prepare flowers and bouquets per order specs. When you talk to florists,

• Negotiate the price ahead of time so that you can price accordingly
• Make sure that the agreed upon price allows for reasonable pricing to customers
• Offer timeless favorites like roses, single roses, as well as carnations, or small daisy bouquets depending on your supporter demographic and to increase participation

Ordering is to be kept confidential (this is the mysterious part). You will need to create an order form that includes

• Who is to receive the flower(s)
• What flower(s) are selected
• Where to deliver the flowers to (an office number, a classroom)
• The message that should be included on the tag, including the name of the gift-giver if they choose to make that information known.

You may supply tags or cards to go with the order and let the buyer fill it out at the time of ordering; some buyers will not want their handwriting to tip them off, so you should also offer the option of writing the tag for them.

It is also a good idea to order some extra flowers for on-hand sales for those who didn’t get their orders in on time. This can expand the profitability of the fundraiser, but be sure not to order too many extra.



Who Should Hold A Valentine’s Day Flower Sale?

This fundraiser work best for larger groups who have access to many potential recipients in a compact delivery area; ideally, a middle or high school, office building, or college campus. Anything else may be too hard to manage.

A Valentine’s Day flower sale is a great opportunity to play a little cupid, and raise funds in a fun way!

Valentine Flower Bears


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  1. Posted by Nancy 22nd January, 2010 at 1:01 pm

    This is a nice seasonal fundraising idea for schools to incorporate. An ongoing fundraising program that many schools have found success with is Adopt-A-Classroom. Teachers can register at and use the resources available to engage their community for fundraising purposes. All donations made to teachers are tax deductible and 100% of the funds goes to the classroom for purchase critical school supplies.

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