Fundraising Letter: Solar Carport For A School

Following is a sample donation request letter for solar carports that could be sent from a school PT organization to parents, but could be adapted for any other organization as well. Feel free to copy it and modify it for your fundraising needs. For any other use, please contact us. (More fundraising letters and templates…)


fundraising letter solar carport


Dear Parent:

Did you know that our school’s electric bill is $12,000 a month? And that more than half the electricity is being used during the afternoon for air conditioning?

That’s why the our PTA is asking you to be part of the most innovative fundraising project we have ever sponsored: solar carports for the front entrance parking lot at Our Highschool!

These carports (or solar parking canopies) will pay for themselves within 2 years to not only reduce the school’s energy bill by $5,000 monthly and offset 40 percent of our kWh usage (average 1,300 kWh per hour), but also make us one of the first schools in the state to be carbon neutral in our fight against climate change. [More about carbon neutrality here.]

After speaking with several solar contractors we have decided – with unanimous approval of the board – to team up with Solar Company who has offered us free installation of the canopy ! The installation has a value of about $120,000!

Yes, we will get the installation for free, however, we still have to raise $100,000 for materials and other cost such as operation and maintenance. (Please see our website for a detailed breakdown of all costs.) If we can meet this goal by ____, Solar Company will commit to install the structure during the summer months, just in time for when fall programs start up again.

The project will end up producing 850 kW of electricity for the school.

Following are suggested levels for giving.  Please be as generous as possible so we can meet this goal for our school! 

  • $50 – you are buying 35 kW of electricity.
  • $100 – you are paying for capacity for 85 kW, and you are completely offsetting the cost of one child at the school.
  • $250 – you are paying for capacity for 150 kW, enough power for an entire classroom during peak hours 
  • $500 – you are installing an entire panel of the shade structure big enough for a car to fit, 12 square feet of panels, and with it, we will put your name or your child’s name on that panel permanently!

As our school administration cuts more and more programs each year from budget realities, and the cost of electricity continues to rise, solar installation is a means to ensure cost savings into the future. At minimum, the project will save two extracurricular programs annually.

In a time of ever increasing regional and national competition for our children, who will be fighting not only for college scholarships but also for the best jobs after their education, the least we can do is ensure that our school has the resources it needs to offer the best programs possible for our kids to get ahead.

Additionally, our state is one of the biggest carbon consumers in not only the country, but in the world. Nearly all of our grid electric comes from fossil fuels. We have a chance to not only set an example for our children for a sustainable future, but also for our neighboring schools across the county and the state. Our carbon offset from this project will be at least 950 tons annually.

Again, we can make this dream come true and save our school funding, save our extracurricular programs, and help our environment well into the future if we all just pitch in a bit. Send us your pledge or gift by the end of January and make a lasting investment in your children and your community for years to come!


PTA President

PS: You have the option to send a check (please include the coupon below), or donate directly through our site [URL] with a credit card or through PayPal. Thank you so much for your generosity and for being a part of this incredible project!

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