Fundraising Survey – 7 Questions – Results

We had asked our readers seven questions in our survey in October and, as promised, here are the results. If you missed it and you’d like to answer a few questions about fundraising, click here to participate. We will keep the survey open for another few days.

Thank you to everyone who participated! Your answers give us valuable insight and will help us shape the information you find on our site and better tailor it to your needs.

Question 1: “If more than one option applies to you, please check the option(s) that you spend the most time on. Are you a “

More than one answer was possible and “Other” responses included a homecoming candidate, board members and nonprofit consultants.


Question 2: “Do you raise funds for more than one group?”

Even though there are a lot of you who are dedicated to raising funds for one specific group, over 45% are raising funds for more than one cause!


Question 3: “What has been your favorite fundraising product, service or fundraising campaign?”

Some of you don’t have any favorites or are just starting out. Most of you like raffles, candy sales, t-shirt sales and other simple fundraising ideas. Following is a list of some of the ‘raw’ results of what other fundraisers and campaigns our readers like:

bulb sale

planned giving

Grateful Patient Programs

A Cookbook with people’s recipes and pet photos

fundraiser for animal shelter, underwriters pay $30 a month for a year to cover the cost of the kennel’s occupant’s food, shots, grooming – and – a sign in the shape of a dog bone has their name painted on it and it is hung on the kennel door.

extreme couponing class

Can food drive that was successful in obtaining the Guinness Book of World Record Largest Free-standing can food structure. It was in honor of the Vietnam Veterans.

Annual OKC Shriners Circus

Dinner & Silent Auction

Girl Scout cookies when I was younger

Social networking

Grant writing

Spring and Fall Gun Raffel

end child labour


Specialty items, recycling cell phones……NO COOKIE DOUGH or FOOD RELATED ITEMS

Canine Assistants

The Pasta Shoppe – pasta fundraising

Events and grants research

Sage fundraising software

poker ride and a wine makers dinner

iPad fundraiser for adults with disabilities

garage sale at work

Jar game

Trivia night

Building a “Wall Against Hunger*

annual penny sales

capital finance for a new juvenile hall facility

copper drive, book sale

Flower Show

Kool for Katz band

art auction


Question 4: “How many small or large fundraising campaigns (online or offline) have you participated in since August 2011, or the beginning of the Fall fundraising season?”

Most of our readers held at least one fundraising campaign between August and October, the typical beginning of the Fall fundraising season.


Question 5: “What feature or information on do you find most helpful?”

Most of you like for getting different fundraising ideas! You like the tips and ideas presented on how to get the most out of your fundraiser and what to look for as you’re planning your next campaign.

You also like the fundraisers that don’t require buying products and several of you liked the information on making a mobile app for your blog. Other aspects of the site, like the fundraising checklists and the fundraising letters also got a few ‘likes.’


Question 6: “What feature or information on would like to see improved or added?”

Most of you would like to see more fundraising ideas that can be implemented on a very low or no budget, including fundraisers that don’t require selling products. You’d like to see information for small groups who rely completely on volunteers and don’t have much of a budget.

It looks like we’ve got our work cut out for us! From the results of this survey it looks like many of you do like product fundraisers, but are in need of fundraising ideas that don’t involve a cash outlay as well. We’ll try and uncover more low cost or no cost, non-product fundraising ideas that are easy to implement. If you have already run a fundraiser that meets these specs, please share it with us in the comments.

Some of you would also like information on grants available. Sites like for example, specialize in grants and you can sign up for their emails to receive grant opportunities in your mailbox. They also offer paid services. Or click over to this list of grant sources, compiled by Joanne Fritz at

We’ve had a few responses that mentioned that they’d like our newsletter articles to link directly to the site. The articles should already link to the site: the titles of the articles should always be clickable, even in the newsletter that only displays excerpts. If you have a problem with any email you receive from us, please contact us through our contact page.


Question 7: Do you use social networking accounts or blogs to help with marketing and fundraising efforts? If yes, which ones:

Looks like Facebook wins when it comes to using social media for your marketing and fundraising efforts! More than one answer was possible and a few of you are also using LinkedIn.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this survey! If you have some tips for other readers please add them in the comments.

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