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Hello hardworking fundraisers, volunteers and fundraising professionals!

We’ve been running our blog for nearly 9 years now and have accumulated a wealth of information and free tools to help you with your jobs and make it easier for you to help others.

As the web is getting more crowded and more hectic, we’d like to bring a bit of reflection and more clarity to what we offer here at

In order to do that we need to find out what you (our hardworking readers!) are dealing with when you’re doing your job and how your jobs could be simplified if possible. Your answers will help us make our site more useful to you!

We will share all results of these surveys in a future article! If you’re already signed up to receive our newsletters you will receive them automatically through our updates, if you’re not signed up yet, you can sign up here.


fundraising survey


To that end we’ve created a few very short surveys we’d like you to take:

  • These surveys have questions about fundraising activities, what software tools you’d like to see, your favorite products and so on.
  • Each survey is super short and once we have enough answers we will share our results with you!
  • You can take one survey or take all of them! It’s up to you. We are very grateful for any surveys completed!
  • There are currently five (5) short surveys. You can start with Fundraising Survey #1 which will also lead you through to the other four, or you can click on the individual surveys below.

If you have any suggestions for us on how to improve our site, questions or feedback, please add them to the comments section below. No login necessary.

Thank you so much for taking the time to take our surveys!



Here is an overview of our five short (promise!) surveys:

Fundraising Survey #1: How are you raising funds?

Fundraising Survey #2: What are your our favorite fundraising related websites and services?

Fundraising Survey #3: Do you conduct product fundraisers like t-shirts, wrapping paper etc. – Yes? No?

Fundraising Survey #4: What types of campaigns are you running? Do you like them, or would you like to change anything?

Fundraising Survey #5: What are Your Challenges? What would you like help with?




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