Get Twitter Twollars For Your Organization

Say what? What are Twollars? Twollars are a virtual currency meant to help out charities. It is a new service, but it already looks promising. Here is how it works:

Anyone with a Twitter account automatically gets 50 Twollars to start with. Claim your Twollars here. You can then give away Twollars to anyone you like as a ‘thank you’, or to your favorite charities. (The person or charity receiving the Twollars also needs to have a Twitter account.)

The main point of this service is to help out charities, that’s why charities can sell their Twollars for ‘real’ money to businesses. Businesses can buy the Twollars from charities at the rate of 1$ for 10 Twollars.

Private persons can not sell their Twollars, but can pass them along or donate them.

Why would businesses want to buy Twollars? Businesses can use their Twollars to reward their customers in a meaningful way and at the same time create a social media presence on the web. It’s a win-win situation for them.

Do you work for, or run an organization with 501(c)(3) status? This is a good reason to open your free Twitter account now. Once you have your Twitter account, register your charity on Twollars website. Your supporters can then donate their virtual Twollars (which they can claim here) to your organization.

Twollars seems to be an easy and automatic, low effort way for charities to raise funds on the web. It looks like it’s also a great way to add another income stream without much fundraising efforts.

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