Grants: Find Free Government And Foundation Money For Your Non-Profit

Many groups, businesses, and agencies – governmental, corporate and private – have money they are just waiting to give away to the right non-profit recipient. Locating and applying for monies from these organizations is a great way to get free money for your non-profit.

Free Money For Non-Profits – The Search Is On!

Finding sources of free money for non-profits starts with research; unfortunately, there’s no way around this time-consuming process, but there are sites and resources that can help, and the return is well worth the effort.

Research for free money for your non-profit should start either at your local library or online (or both). With the vast outreach and current, updated information available online, this is often the best place to focus your research attentions.

Online you can access government agencies, corporate websites, private foundations and charitable individuals, and portals, databases, and clearinghouses for grants for non-profit organizations.

There are many such websites, but the following are a good place to start:

The Foundation Center
The Foundation Center offers a wealth of information on finding and applying for grants and offers links to directories of corporate and foundation funding sources. In addition, the Center offers worksheets, training, statistics, and a copy of the “Common Grant Application” that many funders use in their application process (or at least use something very closely related). publishes the online “Chronicle of Philanthropy”; the site is mainly an informational resource. They also offer a Guide to New Grant Programs and a guide for established grant funders. Both are useful tools for assessing and choosing the most appropriate grant opportunities for a given non-profit organization.

Government Agencies
State and Federal government has moved online, and so, too has their grant announcement and application procedures. Online is the best way to access government grants in a timely manner. Visit the site of the Department that oversees groups and functions of your type for a start (for instance, if you want to fund education for inner-city preschoolers, start at the Department of Education.

You may also want to visit the Grants Page on Jason Dick’s blog at for some unusual grant opportunities.

These resources will get you a good start toward locating prospective sources of free money for your non-profit group. In addition, you can utilize the services of Foundation Grant Databases and search within a range of subjects and interests to return targeted results that will most closely match your organization, needs, and goals.

As a last tip, look for multiple sources of free money for non-profits to increase your chances of success. Many of these funders receive hundreds or thousands of applications, and securing grant money is a combination of blanketing enough funding options and making a clear, convincing application (that arrives on time!). To be sure, this increases your work load plenty, but the best free money awards go to those who are persistent, and if you look hard enough, you are sure to find some excellent sources of free money for non-profits that will be happy to lend to your cause.




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  1. Posted by lillyS 12th August, 2008 at 3:53 pm

    The Foundation Center mentioned here is a great resource! Highly recommend it to everyone looking for grant money.

  2. Posted by LAVONNE MCALISTER 11th March, 2010 at 1:26 pm


  3. Posted by Ms.Terese Walker 8th December, 2010 at 7:35 am

    Looking for a grant to assit seniors with indoor and out door chores.



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