Go Groceries! Raising Funds With Everyday Foodstuffs

Fundraising companies have gotten very good at combining consumer need with profitability. They understand that sales of unwanted or unneeded products will only get them and their patrons (fundraising organizations) so far. To build lasting sales and demand, fundraisers must find a way to reach out and supply consumers with items and products they want to buy, not just something they purchase out of empathy.

The ideal way to combine practicality and profitability is to become a link in the supply chain of everyday, essential items. One of the best ways this can be accomplished is to fundraise by selling grocery and food items. Sure, these products as offered through a fundraiser may cost a little more, but often the difference can be made up in quality or in the justification that at least the item is something that will be usable anyway, and thus, in the long run, save money over frivolous expenditures on worthless products on top of the regular grocery bill.

What’s available

Food product and grocery item fundraisers started out fairly basically with consumables like coffee and gourmet bakery items, but as the logic of this partnership grows into increased fundraising success, more and more food items that might be bought at the corner grocery store are being added to the list. What follows here is just a sampling of the more common food and grocery items that might be offered through fundraisers:

  • Oven-ready frozen foods like pies, cakes, cookie dough, and pizza
  • Refrigerated meats
  • Coffee, teas, cocoas
  • Soap, bath, lotions, and spa items
  • Snack foods like beef jerky, dried fruits, nuts, pretzels, and popcorn
  • Dry mixes for baking (like cookies, cakes…) or cooking (pancakes, etc.)
  • Herbs, spices, rubs, and sauces
  • Cheeses

    food fundraiser - cookies



The benefits of selling grocery items center largely on the fact that these are products people are buying every week anyway, and so the potential for sales is great. In addition,

  • Profits are usually immediately available
  • Many organizations are able to repeat the same fundraiser multiple times in one year (since products are quickly consumed)
  • Good products build customer loyalty
  • Usually no up-front expenditure is required
  • Ordering may be available online to expedite processing and turn around time

The only real difficulty to food sales is that many times frozen and/or refrigeration is involved. That means that the fundraising organization needs either adequate storage or fast distribution; it also means that having someone on hand at the time of delivery is an absolute must. However, many organizations have overcome these difficulties by organizing delivery with the company ahead of time and also planning to have sellers pick up their items on the same day. Recognizing the logistics involved in storage and distribution, food product fundraising suppliers are happy to coordinate efforts as needed and are excellent resources for distribution tips and tricks.

Fundraising with grocery and food items has become very popular. Welcome, saleable products combined with the ability to repeat the fundraiser regularly (thereby diminishing the planning and learning curve) keep groups and customers coming back again and again.

For more ideas for food fundraisers, visit our Fundraising Ideas: “foods” category.

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  2. Posted by jjhmom 22nd May, 2008 at 9:13 pm

    We’ve tried different foods and coffee worked the best!



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