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We will consider your article if it is truly useful to our readers and if it meets the following guidelines:


We only accept original articles that have not been published elsewhere. Please search our site before deciding on a topic (or angle) as we may already have published articles that cover your proposed topic.

The length of your article should be at least 700 words.

Include an image or graph if you like. Make sure you have permission or a license for any image you send. Send any images separately and not within a document.

Focus on just one topic and no general info ‘fluff’ articles please.

Add a short profile at the bottom of your article.

You get one link to your own site within the second half of your article and one link within your profile. Feel free to also add social media links to your profile.

Include links to resources like news articles, statistics etc. Feel free to use examples to clarify your points.

Your site needs to have a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Use at least three sub-headers.

We won’t accept articles with a sales pitch, however, tutorial type articles for your service, or another service are OK. For example “How to add your mailing list to XYZemailservice”, or “How to identify your most valuable Twitter followers” etc. Please note that if you write a tutorial type article, it needs to be for a service that’s already quite established or well known amongst fundraisers.

How your article can make the most impact in terms of marketing and visitors to your site: The article you submit doesn’t necessarily have to be about the exact nature of your business. Whatever (fundraising related) topic you think will be most successful when sharing your article on your social media accounts is usually also the best for the purpose of promoting your business on our site.

Before you send your article, please send a list of potential topics. It helps to browse and search our site for ideas and to make sure you do not pick a topic that has already been covered in depth.

We only accept articles that are of interest to fundraisers and/or charitable groups.


Following are some suggestions for topics:

Anything related to fundraising, non-profits, volunteers, donations, fundraising ideas, other ways to make money, social media marketing, demographics, bookkeeping, commercial ventures for non-profits, staying organized, new fundraising products, seasonal fundraisers, grants, marketing, planning, small business ideas for non-profits, letters, how to solve a problem, PTOs and PTAs, fundraising letters, your personal experience with a fundraiser, etc.


If you have any questions please contact us.

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