Ideas For Holiday Fundraisers

Many religious holidays are celebrated during the winter months, which makes this time of year a great time for fundraising. Whether your potential sponsors and supporters celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah doesn’t matter; decorative items for the home, wrapping paper for presents and items representative of winter make appropriate fundraising items just about anyone will find useful. To keep your holiday fundraiser from being too generic, you could add a few items related to the different holidays, making sure you offer something for every one of your potential supporters.

For more creative holiday fundraising ideas that can maximize your fundraising efforts, take a look at what Riverton and Bingham high schools in Utah came up with for their holiday fundraising campaign, which benefited various groups. These industrious students fanned out and did whatever it took to raise funds and ended up raising a whopping $145,534.04 in three weeks!

Raise funds with odd jobs
No job is too little and every dollar raised counts! Take a tip from the kids at Riverton and Bingham and get volunteers out there raking leaves, shoveling snow and doing any other odd jobs they can find for the fundraiser. Kids should travel in groups when knocking on doors or have a parent accompany them.

Sell tickets to events
The Riverton and Bingham students also hosted a benefit concert, a “Battle of the Bands” and an all-night camp out. These kinds of events require more planning, but are obviously well worth it!

Bingham also held a carnival to raise money. These students really made sure that their fundraising campaign was going to be a lot of fun! (More about a carnival fundraiser.)

If you don’t have the volunteer base to pull off a large campaign, you can always resort to catalog sales, a time-tested way to successfully raise funds. One of the most popular fundraising items has traditionally been frozen cookie dough. This year you can take it a step further and offer home delivery cookie dough. This means your donors do not have to go anywhere to pick up orders and you don’t have to deliver them. More and more fundraising services are offering this option. Chocolate is another big seller. You can put a twist on this favorite by selling free-trade chocolates.

E-mail campaign

Of course, don’t forget to use your e-mail list for your fundraising efforts. (If you don’t have an e-mail list yet, get one started! Use sign-up sheets at events, or provide an e-mail address or website URL where people can leave their e-mail address. In any case, assure your potential supporters that you will keep their info private and that you won’t share it with anyone.) You can write about current fundraising campaigns, how the proceeds from the last fundraiser were used, and finally, don’t forget to thank everyone. Make sure you add information about how and where more donations can be made. Year end cash donations are often plentiful, because of potential tax write-offs.

Tip: start your holiday fundraiser with a kickoff event to raise local awareness and excitement. It allows you to educate participants about all the details, including the fundraising goal and what prizes will be awarded – if any – for those who raise the most funds.

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