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Put your group on the fast track to achieving its best year by revisiting the strategies outlined in our most popular content of 2015! These are the articles our readers found most helpful and shareable, providing useful information and dynamic tools.

While these articles cover a wide variety of issues, we’ve loosely grouped them in six categories. Check the headings to find the topic that interests you.


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We’ve covered the basics from planning and branding to fundraising. Our free checklists and sample letters have been popular tools to streamline the fundraising process.

For more popular topics from this past year, please read on. In no particular order:

Basic fundraising 101

1. Fundraising is so much more than completing programs and paying wages. Effective nonprofits integrate fundraising into their everyday development plans: 9 Reasons Why Fundraising is Important for Your Nonprofit.

2. A surprising number of nonprofits are vulnerable to fundraising failures. This popular nonprofit article outlines steps for generating an environment for fundraising success: Fundraising with Confidence and without Fear.

3. With brand recognition and reputation being such an important part of nonprofit success, these steps help nonprofits get the local recognition their brand needs: 7 Steps to Make Your Nonprofit Brand Known Locally.

4. Why is fundraising important? There’s more to fundraising than you may realize and this article looks beyond the obvious: Why Fundraising Is Important

5.  We could all use ways to save time and money for our organizations. This popular nonprofit article gives resources to help you figure out the best prospects for your nonprofit or fundraising project: How to Research Your Fundraising Prospects – 7 Online Resources.

6. Basic business organization can be a cornerstone for good nonprofit management and these four classic business hacks will fit nicely into your nonprofit toolkit: 4 Business Practices Every Nonprofit Should Use

Don’t neglect the human element

7. Despite the idealistic, self-sacrificing nature of nonprofit work, mistakes still happen. Can you identify with some of these slip-ups? 10 Mistakes Nonprofit Professionals Make.

8. Volunteers form the core of workers that drive most charitable groups forward; the unseen force behind a lot of good work. Keep your volunteers through thick and thin – they’re gold! Volunteers – Unpaid but Priceless.

9. When fundraising gets personal, unique factors come into play. How do fundraisers maintain compassion and respect when fundraising for an individual? Maintaining Respect And Compassion When Fundraising For An Individual.

Other important funding resources

10. It’s no secret that successful nonprofits often have a strong fundraising board. As a nonprofit professional, let our checklist inspire you to motivate your board members!  24 Ways to Prep your Nonprofit Board to Fundraise.

11. Corporations are lining up to get their names associated with nonprofit causes. Being linked with sponsorships for the greater good is directly tied to corporate earnings; so how can you attract those corporate sponsors to your mission: How to Attract Corporate Sponsorship – 6 Steps.

12. Your organization is full of enthusiasm but what you really need is cash! What are you doing to break through and get funding for your new nonprofit?  How a New Non-profit Can Get Funding.

13. Venture Philanthropy describes a philanthropic model that goes far beyond writing checks with a deep and long-term view of solving global or local problems. How does a nonprofit go about attracting the attention of venture philanthropists? Venture Philanthropy – What is it and how do You Attract it to Your Nonprofit?.

14. How would you go about asking a large company for financial support for your charity? This article discusses the process in-depthHow To Ask For Donations From A Large Company.

Keeping donors happy and engaged

15.  At last count, there were over 1.5 million nonprofits registered in America! With such competition every donor becomes a valuable asset, yet a surprising number of nonprofits are inadvertently repelling their donors: Chasing Donors Away? Annoying Tactics Non-Profits Use

16. Donor attrition – losing donors – is something every nonprofit dreads. By showing our donors we care about them, we can keep these loyal supporters happy: When Did You Last Tell Your Donors that You Love Them?

17. Successful donor segmentation is a key strategy to great donor communications and the beginning of the end of that nonprofit nightmare – donor attrition, as outlined in this popular nonprofit article: 5 Basics to Begin Donor Segmentation

18. Learn why the personal appeal letter is an important tool in you arsenal of fundraising strategies: 7 Reasons Personal Appeal Letters Are Still the Best Way to Fundraise

Handy tools to streamline fundraising

19. Here is sample donation request sample letter for you to personalize as needed: Sample Donation Request Letter To Parents

20. Writing a donation request letter for youth arts and sports programs can be tricky. With our tips, your request can stand out from the crowd:  How To Write A Donation Request Letter For Youth Arts And Sports Programs

21. Here are over 100 fundraising ideas to give you inspiration for your next fundraiser! 100 + Fundraising Ideas!

22. With these free checklists and sample plans, you’ll be prepared to answer tough questions, plan ahead and see issues you might not have considered yetFree Checklists And Sample Plans For Your Fundraising Events!

General fundraising

23. Take advantage of the natural lull in fundraising activities brought about by the advent of fall. These tips will help your organization make the most of the Fall season: Get Ready for Fall Fundraising! 12 Tips for Your Nonprofit.

24. How can you know if your organization needs to have a mobile app? Read our popular article before you decide: Should your Non-Profit Have a Mobile App?.

If there’s anything you’d like to read that isn’t covered, give us a shout-out in the comments! We want Fundraisingip to be your go-to resource when you’re looking for answers! We hope the New Year will be the single best year for your cause, yet!

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