Ongoing Fundraiser: Small But Steady Profits With eScrip

Before the school year ends is a perfect time to remind everyone of this ongoing fundraiser, or get started signing up for it. Remember eScrip? If you have a child of middle school age or high school age, you may have already signed up for an eScrip program during their elementary school years, but forgotten about it.

eScrip is a simple program that lets you earn money from your grocery purchases for your school or group. Depending on your region there might also be other merchants that participate in the program.

In order to sign up for an eScrip program with grocery stores for example, your supporters need to have a loyalty card from a participating grocery store and then register that card with eScrip. eScrip will collect the funds (a small percentage of each purchase made with registered cards) from the grocery company and then send quarterly payments to participating groups.

How to sign up:

Go to eScrip and click on ‘sign up’; it’s free. See if your school or group is already registered in the program. If not, here is the information on how you can apply for your group to participate.

As a user you create your own account, add your grocery loyalty cards and define which school the proceeds are supposed to benefit. Done!

Get the most out of this fundraising program:

This is the kind of program, where the more people sign up, the more successful it will be. Add information about this program to your website and to all your newsletters. Remind your supporters to sign up for grocery cards – which can be done in-store, or online – and then to sign up for this program.

Some stores also offer this program with their home delivery service, so adding a link to that store on your website would be especially useful! Home delivery is great for busy moms, seniors, or anyone with health problems that prevent him or her from leaving the house.

EScrip also offers an online shopping mall that pays a percentage of each purchase to the school you’ve signed up for.

Schools and other groups constantly have to look for more ways to raise funds, and having a simple ongoing fundraiser like this one may not yield thousands of dollars every month, but will provide a steady stream of predictable profits for your group. This type of fundraiser requires some preparation and steady reminders to use certain loyalty cards at certain stores, but the fact that this is an otherwise completely free fundraiser makes this one worth implementing!

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